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Young Chinese strive to preserve traditional culture in Thailand’s charming handwritten Spring Festival couplets

Wandering the streets of Bangkok’s old town, aThailandYoung people sitting on the roadside were writing couplets for the Spring Festival. These days, handwritten Spring Festival couplets are rare. Many people or tourists stopped to admire them or ask about the price. Some people kept saying “It’s so beautiful” in admiration.

This young man is 26 year old Chonnadek Manenwal. He comes from Hat Yai in southern Thailand. There are a lot of people in southern Thailand.Sugarcommunity, Zhao Dingde’s family is from Guangxi, China. Grandmothers communicate in Cantonese with their children and grandchildren at home, and Chinese culture and traditions are also preserved at home.

Zhao Dingde, who was raised by his grandmother, has always seen and heard that the Lunar New Year, the Qingming Festival, and the Mid-Autumn Festival are annual events in the family, and saying goodbye is a common thing for the family. As the Lunar New Year, a major annual festival, is approaching, Zhao Dingde sets up stalls in the streets of the Old City and writes Chinese Spring Festival couplets, adding a strong festive atmosphere to the Old City.

Zhao Dingde went to a Chinese school when he was in elementary school. After entering junior high school, he began learning writing from his teacher.calligraphySugar never gave up his life. Even though there is no teacher to teach calligraphy now, Zhao Dingde will find some videos online to learn, or copy the works of his favorite calligraphers.

This kind of Chinese culture and lifestyle is gradually disappearing among the younger generation of Thai Chinese. Zhao Dingde said that when he was a child, he did not pay much attention to his Chinese cultural background, but the older he grew, the more important he felt that Chinese culture was. “Chinese culture is rooted. It is a pity that young Chinese in Thailand do not know their roots, and I would be very sorry if this culture was allowed to slowly die out.”

Zhao Dingde’s calligraphy has gradually become famous among the Chinese community in Thailand. In the last few years, they have taken online orders. This year, Wat Mangkon, a famous temple in the old town of Thailand, also ordered from Zhao Dingde. Blessing to be hung in the temple during the Spring Festival. With words like du feng, lu, shou and other words, as well as various Spring Festival couplets.

In addition to continuing to teach himself Chinese and calligraphy, Zhao Dingde continued to exchange information with a group of young Thai Chinese people with similar backgrounds via the Internet, and created a Facebook page for Chinese culture enthusiasts. Also established group. Everyone’s goal is to be able to live as long as possible in life. Preserve traditional Chinese culture.

Because Zhao Dingde can read Chinese, he now assists many Chinese palaces and temples in writing documents related to Chinese declarations, essays, and ceremonies. He is also trying to find traditions lost in his family, such as traditional Chinese funeral customs.

He said that because the elders in the family had moved away several times, there was no memorial plaque to his ancestors at home. Therefore, whenever she needed to worship her ancestors, her grandmother would worship outside the gate, towards the direction of Guangxi. Therefore, he ordered a memorial plaque to his ancestors and invited a Taoist priest to create it. Now ancestral plaques are kept at home, making it easier to worship the grandmother.

Zhao Dingde, a Thai Chinese from Hat Yai in southern Thailand, loves Chinese culture. He has also set up an online community with a group of Thai people with similar backgrounds and regularly exchange information, hoping to preserve as much of the traditions of Chinese culture as possible. (Central News Agency)

Zhao Dingde, who hails from Hat Yai in southern Thailand, is a Thai Chinese.  He loves Chinese culture and continues to learn Chinese and calligraphy through self-study...
Zhao Dingde, a Thai Chinese from Hat Yai in southern Thailand, loves Chinese culture and continues to learn Chinese and calligraphy through self-study in hopes of maintaining the roots of Chinese culture in his family. (Central News Agency)

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