Home World News You can sometimes save a lot of money by booking on airlines’ websites in different countries

You can sometimes save a lot of money by booking on airlines’ websites in different countries

You can sometimes save a lot of money by booking on airlines’ websites in different countries

Many travelers are trying their best to find the cheapest air tickets. Joseph Hostetler, news writer for online media Insider, said that there is a strange method that is really effective but very few people know about it.

He said that for whatever reason, airlines sometimes list very different fares depending on the version of the website the consumer is viewing; For example, when searching for tickets to Paris on the Air France website, the price difference between the US version and the French version on different websites can be hundreds of dollars.

Hostler explained that unless specifically avoided, airline websites will default to the country the consumer is searching from.currencyAnd the price is calculated based on the market conditions of that specific market. He said the difference was incredible.

Hostetler said he has used this trick many times to save a lot of money, and gave the following examples:

ExistenceJapanWhen searching the All Nippon Airways (ANA) website, you’ll see that the price of a round-trip ticket between Chicago (ORD) and Tokyo (HND) this summer is US$2,811.95; However, by the time you switch to the Japanese version of the website, the same flight ticket is only US$219,110 Japanese Yen (equivalent to approximately US$1,580).

Additionally, the Japanese site has discounted fare levels that are comparable to those in the U.S. Not available on site. The US website offers the Flex Special Economy Class, Flex Special Premium Economy Class and Flex Special Plus Premium Economy Class, but the Japanese website also has an extremely low-priced Super Value Economy Class.

Hostetler also stressed that booking flights in foreign currency may not always be beneficial; Sometimes using US dollars is the cheapest option. For example, the current fare from New York to Paris on Air France is $442, and the same flight booked through the French version of the website costs 1,047 euros (equivalent to about $1,128).

Hostler said that if you want to search for air ticket prices in other countries, you can usually find an icon in the upper right corner of the website’s homepage that can change the location. It may display: the flag of the country you want to find, the country’s abbreviation, and the currency symbol.

He explained that the language will also change when changing location to a country outside the United States; If there is no English option, using the web translation function can make the booking process less laborious.

Furthermore, mostCredit CardA handling fee of around 3% will be charged, which will add to the cost, so Hostler reminds that it is very important to use a credit card with no foreign transaction fees. Consider American Express’s Platinum Card or the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, which has an annual fee, or Capital One’s VentureOne Rewards Credit Card, which has no annual fee.

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