Home World News WSJ reveals draft of 2022 Russia-Ukraine peace agreement, Ukraine could become a “neutral country” vulnerable to aggression

WSJ reveals draft of 2022 Russia-Ukraine peace agreement, Ukraine could become a “neutral country” vulnerable to aggression

WSJ reveals draft of 2022 Russia-Ukraine peace agreement, Ukraine could become a “neutral country” vulnerable to aggression

RussiachairmanPutinA few days ago, American talk show host Tucker interviewed him. During his visit, Carson indicated that he would be willing to discuss ending the Russo-Ukrainian war on Moscow’s terms. The outline of the agreement they want can be seen in a draft peace treaty prepared by Russian and Ukrainian negotiators about six weeks after the war began, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) first reported.

Although the Russia-Ukraine peace talks ultimately failed and the general outline has been disclosed to the outside world, the entire 17-page document reviewed by the WSJ and other insiders has not been made public.

According to the WSJ’s exclusive disclosure, the document is dated April 15, 2022, and outlines what negotiators from the two countries agreedukraineTransform into a “permanently neutral country that does not participate in military blocs”, halt military rebuilding with Western support, and cede Crimea to Russia to try to end the war between the two countries. Keep under real control.

Documents show Kiev negotiators were considering deep concessions. The draft treaty states that although Ukraine is allowed to join the EU, it will not be allowed to join military alliances such as NATO; Foreign weapons would not be allowed on Ukrainian soil and its military strength would be reduced to a specific size. Russia wants to impose limits on everything from the number of troops and tanks to the maximum range of its missiles.

Furthermore, the Crimean peninsula would still be under Moscow’s influence and would not be considered neutral. The future of the Russian-occupied Donbass region in Ukraine was not included in the draft, but was left to be worked out in face-to-face talks between Putin and Zelensky. Russia also promotes the use of the Russian and Ukrainian languages ​​on an equal basis in government and courts.

The treaty must be guaranteed by foreign powers, including the United States, Britain, China, France, and Russia. If the treaty is violated, these countries will have the responsibility to protect Ukraine’s neutrality. However, when the treaty comes into force, the Guarantor Powers will be required to “terminate international treaties and agreements inconsistent with the permanent neutrality of Ukraine”, including any commitments to bilateral military assistance. International security guarantees do not apply to Crimea and Sevencastles.

The WSJ reported that the document reflects Russia’s deeply rooted fear that Western countries, led by the US, have been secretly trying to weaken, control and manipulate Ukraine for many years as so-called “anti-Russians” (anti-Russians). Are developing in. Attempt to take over Russia. Furthermore, after Putin’s initial attempts to capture Kiev and overthrow the government failed, the document appeared to offer a second-best option, which is to cut off Western support for Ukraine.

Western officials and analysts say those goals remain largely unchanged after two years of fighting: to turn Ukraine into a neutral country permanently vulnerable to Russian military aggression. The document also reminds the outside world that if military aid from Western countries ends and Russia makes huge territorial gains, Moscow could try to force Ukraine to accept settlement terms.