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Exclusive Content:

World On Air/Once a celebrity dance instructor in Taiwan, now she’s dancing tango in New York

lastSouthern CaliforniaAt the International Tango Championships and Dance Festival, Taiwanese female dancer Mandy Zhou Yinglei (Mandy) won the championship with her partner Orlando Reyes. She clearly stated that she can represent and represent TaiwanSugarI feel proud to have achieved glory in international competitions.

Zhou Yinglei has studied dance since childhood and has always danced mostly Latin dances. His resume can be called star-studded. From the age of 13 when he got the chance to dance with Leehom Wang when he first debuted, to becoming the star of the famous mainland dance program “Strictly Come Dancing”, from choreographer to tour for three years But from becoming a dancer with Luo Deyu, Zhou Yinglei has had a wonderful experience in Taiwan.

Zhou Yinglei works as a choreographer for Hunan TV’s “Strictly Come Dancing”. (Provided by Zhou Yinglei)

Due to her deep connection to dance, she decided to move from Taipei to New York about ten years ago. The changing environment allowed her to absorb new dance resources and techniques like a sponge.After teaching dance at the American dance studio “Dance with Me USA” for several years, the impact of the pandemic forced her to work with two very compatible dance partners. Decided to become a business partner, and they started their own dance studio “My Tango Body”. Together. Promoted tango dancing to this day in Manhattan andnew JerseyEveryone has studios.

Zhou Yinglei said that in her eyes, there is no one who is not suitable to try tango. “I think everyone should try it.” Tango is a dance that emphasizes improvisation and concentration. Completing the composition requires working with a dance partner. The process is full of excitement and social enjoyment. Since opening her studio, she has met students over 90 years old and taught children as young as six. She is happy to see that many Chinese from all over the world are willing to try this dance. Among his students, there are those who want to correct their posture by learning tango, dancers with other dance skills who come to try new dance styles, and some who want to find a suitable partner to create tango together. Let’s hope. Zhou Yinglei is very encouraging.

Zhou Yinglei and his two tango partners are also business partners.  (Provided by Zhou Yinglei)
Zhou Yinglei and his two tango partners are also business partners. (Provided by Zhou Yinglei)

“Tango is a really fascinating dance. If you’re looking for a new hobby, you really need to try it.”

Although she is currently best known as a tango dancer, Zhou Yinglei admitted that her association with tango was completely accidental. While she was working in China, the producers of “Strictly Come Dancing” wanted Zhou Yinglei to teach tango dancing to star students, and they asked her to join the famous Argentine tango dancers Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo on the American dance program “Dancing With.” Gave video. Stars” reference. Zhou Yinglei, who had never been exposed to tango at the time, accepted this challenge and taught this dance thoroughly, which also laid the seeds for her future relationship with tango. The thing that surprised her the most was that when she competed in the Southern California Tango International Championships last year, she actually met her tango instructor in person. When he told her the story of how he learned to dance tango When it started, everyone said: This is really incredible!

Zhou Yinglei once worked as a backup dancer on Luo Deyu's tour.  (Provided by Zhou Yinglei)
Zhou Yinglei once worked as a backup dancer on Luo Deyu’s tour. (Provided by Zhou Yinglei)

In New York, Zhou Yinglei felt comfortable collaborating with two tango dancers, Reyes and Juan Alessandrini. The three were not only co-artistic producers, but also business partners. Gradually building his tango world in New York, continuing to participate in various competitions and performances, he can also help more people learn this fascinating dance. Looking toward the future, Zhou Yinglei hopes to have more opportunities to bring her tango creations to the United States and different corners of the world. She also hopes to return to Asia, which she has long missed, to continue spreading the word. The charm of tango.

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