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Work permit and green card application fees increased after 7 years

Work permit and green card application fees increased after 7 years

applywork visaand green card fees will both increase from April 1. US citizens andimmigration office(US Citizenship and Immigration Services, USCIS) said it has not increased fees in seven years. USCIS is different from other government agencies. Up to 96% of its budget comes from various application fees, and only 4% comes from congressional appropriations.

The H-1B visa application fee has increased from 460 yuan to 780 yuan and the H-1B visa registration fee has increased from 10 yuan to 215 yuan.

If the company steps forward to help employees apply, they must also pay an additional 600 yuan “asylum program fee”.

Employer groups and other organizations filed a petition in federal court asking a judge to issue a temporary injunction on new rules on work visa fees, but it was rejected last week.

pandemicDuring this period, the number of immigration application cases decreased and USCIS’s revenue decreased accordingly, at one point reaching 40%. Hit by a sudden drop in funding, USCIS announced it would stop hiring new employees during the pandemic and would not compensate for any shortfall. After the pandemic ended, the number of immigration case applications gradually returned to pre-pandemic levels. Now there is a serious backlog due to lack of manpower.

A statement on the USCIS website said that if immigration and naturalization processes are to be completed, the visa fee standards announced in 2016 can no longer meet the costs. “We need to increase fees to cover operating costs and avoid increasing backlogs in the future,” the statement said.

Stephanie Pimentel, co-head of the Dallas office of global immigration law firm BAL, said this wave of fee increases is not just a 1% or 2% increase. If you count the increase in basic expenses, as well as the employer’s visa application costs, the new charges increase by 300%.

Houston immigration attorney Emily Newman analyzed that the new immigration fee system would allow US companies to cover the costs of the asylum program. He believes employers can afford it, “but I’m not sure if the situation is the same in all areas of life.” ,

BAL conducted a questionnaire survey on employers regarding the new visa fee rules. The results showed that 57% of respondents said the tariff increase would not affect the company’s international competitiveness. Pimentel said companies are aware that if other employers want to hire foreign workers, they will also have to pay according to the new system.

However, 43% of employers surveyed reported that the increase in visa fees would significantly impact the global competitiveness of their companies.

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