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Will I be inspected if I buy gold? Real name registration required to buy and sell gold for US$2,800 in Shenzhen

If I buy gold now will I be inspected? Recently, it was reported that the Kuizhou Police Station under the Luohu branch of the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau issued a notice stating that those who committed fraud with a total amount of more than 20,000 yuan (about US$2,800) that day. Together they trade gold and other precious metals. Must register with your real name. Kuizhou Police Station confirmed that the news is true and said that the move was to prevent electronic fraud funds from flowing into the gold market.

According to the Financial Associated Press, there was news in the market recently that the Kuizhou Police Station under the Luohu branch of the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau issued an emergency notice stating that in view of the current serious situation of electronic fraud and crimes , This requires strict implementation of the real name registration system for transactions. Those who trade gold and other precious metals with a daily total amount of more than 20,000 RMB must register with their real name. Furthermore, the merchant must ensure that the bank card account name used by the buyer is consistent with his ID card.

The Kuizhou Police Station of the Luohu Branch of the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau said on the 2nd that the staff confirmed that the screenshot of the online notice was authentic. It is understood that the largest manufacturing and processing center and trade center for China’s gold and jewelry industry is located in Shuibei, Cuizhu Street, Luohu District, Shenzhen.

At the same time, since March, with yellowgold priceThere has been a new round of price increases, with gold prices in China reaching record highs both domestically and internationally. According to data from Jintou.com, the latest gold prices at 11 gold shops across China on April 1 showed that except for Kaibai, Shanghai China Gold and Chow Tai Seng, the remaining eight gold shops hit record highs around the RMB. Were. 690 per gram.

Regarding the reasons why international gold prices are reaching new highs, Liu Tingyu, manager of Yongning Gold Stock ETF, believes that the United Statesfedcut interest ratesRising expectations due to international geopolitical tensions and rising risk aversion are key factors driving the recent strength in international gold prices. At the same time, the continued purchasing behavior of central banks and the continued popularity of private gold purchases have pushed gold prices higher. ,

Yang Hong, a senior researcher at Ping An Futures, also believes that the short-term strength of gold prices is mainly driven by safe-haven demand and expectations of easing by the Federal Reserve. Geographic risks and the threat of a hurricane in regional banks in the United States are still present, and gold prices will continue to be supported by safe-haven demand. Gold prices are expected to remain volatile and bullish in the short term and are expected to continue rising in the medium and long term.

Gong Ming, a precious metals researcher at Jinrui Futures, said that intensified geopolitical conflicts, reversal of interest rate cut expectations and abundant liquidity are the main driving forces for this round of precious metal price increases. In recent years, changes in the global political environment have made gold relevant for liquidity at every level. He believes that the driver of gold price is still strong, but the short-term rise is relatively large, and the pressure for price correction is increasing.



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