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Exclusive Content:

White collar jobs are under threat from AI. Some industries are immune to it…and management is not immune to it either.

After decades of automation changing the nature of manufacturing work, artificial intelligence (Aye) The way senior people work in offices is changingemploymentSample. White collar class wasretrenchmentNews keeps coming one after another, including Google, Duolingo language teaching website, UPS and other companies. Although the total number of job losses directly caused by generative artificial intelligence (AI) is still small, some companies have compared the layoffs to new productivity-boosting technologies like machine learning and other AI applications.

Generative AI may soon disrupt employment opportunities for white-collar workers, including middle and upper level managers. Generative AI can not only speed up routine tasks or identify data patterns to perform predictive tasks, but also create content and synthesize ideas, and this type of knowledge work can easily be performed by millions of people. Can provide employment to.

Business executives and consulting firms predict that AI will change or replace the personnel structure of various industries such as technology and chemicals. Some companies’ layoffs are directly related to AI, and other companies are also laying off employees to increase AI spending; Additionally, companies cannot increase the number of employees as their business grows.

Consulting firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas reported that there have been more than 4,600 AI-related layoffs since May last year, mainly in the media and technology industries; Estimates are that such layoffs could be even higher, as many companies do not indicate this when announcing layoffs. Related to AI.

Also, more and more professionals are using AI in their daily tasks. A survey by a management consulting company shows that 54% of employees engaged in financial services, market analysis and professional services are using AI, and almost two-thirds of them said that their productivity has improved.

Google laid off hundreds of people working in hardware and internal software in January to cut costs and expand investment in its AI department; Duolingo also announced that it will lay off 10% of its contract employees, and AI will replace some of the company’s content to create jobs..

UPS said it would cut 12,000 jobs, primarily managers and contract workers, and would not reset such jobs even if the business grows. The company’s pricing process has been enhanced to use machine learning, so the pricing department needs less staff.

As the application level of AI continues to expand, companies may re-plan the structure of management positions; Entry-level employees will be most affected, as many such jobs will be replaced by AI; As a result, some entry-level jobs in the future will be equivalent to today’s entry-level management jobs; Will trigger a knock-on effect leading to overloading of middle management layers.

The survey shows that more than half of senior white-collar managers, 43% of mid-level managers and 38% of junior employees said their jobs could be replaced by generative AI.

Bennett, director of AI at Prosus Global Technology Investment Group in the Netherlands, said that AI has replaced more labor jobs, and engineers, software developers, etc. have doubled their work speed; Many such employees can accomplish more work and work differently than in the past. A little different work. For example, network designers used to require software developers to do the coding, but now they can do it themselves; Software developers can focus more on design and complex coding work.

Chemours has trained nearly 1,000 office and laboratory staff on AI applications over the past three years. Now financial staff do not need to copy and repost large amounts of information, and the speed of their work has been significantly accelerated.



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