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We met at birth…married for 77 years, Rosalynn has never experienced life without Carter.

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter died two days after receiving hospice care at home, ending her record-breaking 77-year marriage to former President Jimmy Carter; Because she found out about her future soon after her birth, for her husband, Rosalynn, Carter truly supported her throughout her life.

96 years ago, Carter and Rosalyn lived in a village with a population of only 600 people.GeorgiaWe met for the first time in a hospital in Plains. Rosalyn was born on August 18, 1927, in the hospital where Carter’s mother, Lillian Carter, worked as a nurse. Carter was 3 years old, and his parents were friends of Rosalynn’s parents.

Rosaline was only three days old. Lillian Carter took her 3-year-old son Jimmy to the hospital to see newborn Rosalynn. The meeting between two young children may have had no real meaning at the time, but they had known each other since childhood, and later developed into a long-distance relationship, and even soul mates. became the longest-married presidential couple. It was truly a “lifelong love affair”. Although Carter and Rosalynn faced immense pressures at different stages of their relationship, they never grew apart and always relied on each other.

Carter and Rosalyn do not initially have an immediate friendship, but Rosalyn is very close to Jimmy’s sister, Ruth, who is close in age and one of the few girls on the plains.

Roslin once said that she had no interest in Carter until he entered the Naval Academy and saw a photo of him in uniform. At first she was not very keen because the place where he studied was far away from home. But one summer, before returning to school to complete his final year of studies, Carter returned to Plainfield, sought out Rosalind, and suddenly asked her to see a movie. After returning home that night, Carter decides that Rosalyn is the woman he wants to marry. The next morning he tells his mother that he is going to marry Rosaline.

The young lovers started missing each other. During their long-distance relationship, Jimmy even coined the acronym “ILYTG” (I Love You the Best) to express his love for Rosalyn briefly and clearly.

In 1946, shortly after Carter graduated from the Naval Academy, the two married and were posted in the Navy throughout the United States. Later, the couple returned to Georgia to develop the Carter family’s peanut growing business. Amid the racial tensions created by Brown v. Board of Education, the two became more and more politically involved, ultimately embarking on an unexpected political journey : Jimmy entered and was elected to the state legislature. Governor, Governorwhite House, For each campaign, Rosalynn helped strategize behind the scenes and publicly supported her husband.

After leaving the White House and returning to private life, the Carters co-founded The Carter Center and established themselves as humanitarians and activists; When he was not at public events or traveling, he lived a simple life in Plainfield. Over the past 77 years, the Carters have traveled together to the ends of the earth as a military couple and humanitarians, and in a short time they have become one of the most attention-grabbing couples in the world.

Carter died in 2015 at the age of 90.cancerAt that time, Rosaline was with him to deal with the difficulties; Carter overcame all kinds of difficulties, miraculously recovered, and continued to spend eight years with his beloved wife and family. Now, with Rosaline gone, Carter must try to experience a world without Rosaline.

Rosalynn was former President Carter’s closest advisor and strongest supporter. The photo shows the two celebrating Carter’s election victory in 1970. (associated Press)

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