Home World News US Marines found a crashed F-35 fighter plane and “debris scattered everywhere”.

US Marines found a crashed F-35 fighter plane and “debris scattered everywhere”.

US Marines found a crashed F-35 fighter plane and “debris scattered everywhere”.

Marine Corps F-35B Lightning 2 fighter plane crashes in 17th centurySouth CarolinaIt crashed, and the pilot parachuted out and was rescued. The following evening, officials found debris strewn everywhere at Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina, about two hours northwest. The Marine Corps also announced the same day that it had temporarily grounded all combat aircraft of this type to investigate the incident. Also improved flight safety.

The fighter plane’s last position before it crashed was near Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion, which are 20 and 40 miles, respectively, from the base.

Fighter aircraft belonging to the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing are assigned to the training group. Wing spokesman Joe Leitner said the cause of the crash is under investigation. Joint Base spokesman Jeremy Huggins said the plane had gone into autopilot mode when the pilot ejected, so it may have been flying for some time before the crash.

Following the plane crash, Acting Marine Corps Commander Eric Smith ordered that all Marine Corps aircraft at home and abroad be grounded. The Defense Department said the Marine Corps will use the two-day grounding to thoroughly improve flight safety and ensure it has combat-ready aircraft and well-trained crews to maintain combat readiness standards. Be.

Different models of the F-35 stealth fighter aircraft have different functions to avoid radar and other detection devices. The Marine Corps did not say what mission the crashed plane was performing while it was taking off at the same time.

Lockheed Martin, which is responsible for manufacturing the F-35, has produced 1,000 of the aircraft, but temporarily suspended the process of delivering them to the US military until certain upgrades or update processes are completed before deliveries can continue Has gone.

U.S. Air Force data shows that since the F-35 entered service in 2015, more than a dozen F-35s have crashed or been damaged in other accidents, which is similar to the accidental damage to other military aircraft. is equal to the rate. F-35 aircraft are equipped with transponders and aviation beacons, making it easier to find a crashed aircraft.

The US Navy recovered an F-35C that disappeared last year after taking off from an aircraft carrier off the seabed 12,000 feet deep in the South China Sea; In November 2021, an F-35B crashed into the sea after taking off from an aircraft carrier. British aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean. The search also resulted in the discovery of a Japanese-owned F-35 that crashed off the northern coast in 2019.

The F-35B fighter jet can take off for short ranges and land vertically like a helicopter. The latest model of the F-35 costs about 90 million yuan, but older models cost more. To update or upgrade, costs also increase with rising prices. The Air Force said last yearutahThe F-35A that crashed at Hill Air Force Base is a conventional take-off and landing fighter aircraft. It was originally the cheapest of the three ABC models. After several updates, the price reached 166 million yuan, more than double the original price.

Lockheed Martin claims the F-35 is “the world’s most advanced fighter jet” and “the most powerful, stealthy and survivable” aircraft, but South Carolina CongressRepresentativeNancy Mace criticized, “If it’s so powerful, why did it lose one in vain?”

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