Home World News Ukraine: Russian airstrike kills 2 in Kherson, capturing small area

Ukraine: Russian airstrike kills 2 in Kherson, capturing small area

Ukraine: Russian airstrike kills 2 in Kherson, capturing small area

ukraineToday it was said that Ukrainian forces had withdrawnRussiaThe army has seized small swathes of land in southern and eastern Ukraine, where Ukrainian forces have been waging a counteroffensive for months. Ukrainian officials also said thisRussiaA new round of night airstrikes killed two people.

To recapture territory controlled by Russian forces, Ukrainian forces launched a counter-offensive in June after accumulating weapons provided by the West and recruiting attacking troops.

Ukrainian forces are concentrating on the city of Bakhmut in the war-torn Donetsk region and several locations on the southern front towards Crimea.

According to reports by Agence France-Presse and Reuters, Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Ganna Malyar told state media today: “About 2 square kilometers of land have been liberated in the Bakhmut area. Defense forces in the south have liberated 5.2 square kilometers of land . “Area.”

Ukraine, on the other hand, today said its air defense systems shot down a swarm of attack drones and about 20 cruise missiles overnight, the latest round of air strikes launched by Russia.

The Ukrainian Air Force said on social media: “A total of 24 unmanned aerial vehicle attacks were recorded around the Mykolaiv and Odessa regions. 18 unmanned aerial vehicles were intercepted and shot down by air defense troops.”

The Ukrainian Air Force also said its troops shot down all 17 cruise missiles launched by Russian forces overnight.

A new wave of Russian nighttime airstrikes and artillery attacks on Ukraine killed two people in the southern state of Kherson, Ukrainian officials said.

Kherson Governor Oleksandr Prokudin said a 72-year-old man and an elderly woman were killed in the Russian attack on Kherson Oblast, and three others were injured, but he did not give further details.

He said four people were also injured in the morning drone attack on the city of Berislav. Prokodin said: “The occupation forces deliberately attacked crowded places and dropped explosives near the local bus station.”

Odessa Governor Oleh Kiper said the Izmail region, home to a grain-exporting Danube port, had been hit by drone attacks, but he did not provide details about the port or the grain. No details were given on whether infrastructure was damaged.