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Two female models were found dead in a luxury apartment in Los Angeles. The matter is quite complicated.

los angelesThe City Police Department (LAPD) confirmed on September 16 that the bodies of two women were found in two apartments not far from each other in Downtown Los Angeles (Downtown LA) last week. Both the deceased were young.AfricanAnd both are engaged in modeling work. The cause of death of one of them was determined to be homicide, and the cause of death of the other was considered “suspicious death.” The causes of both cases are still under investigation.

One of the models, 31-year-old Maleesa Mooney, was found dead on September 12, according to an LAPD investigation. The cause of death was murder. The second deceased was 32-year-old Nicole Coates, according to an investigation by the LAPD and the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner. The date he was found dead was 10 September. The cause of death is still under investigation.

On September 12, a sudden loss of contact with Mooney worried her family, so they contacted the police to check the reception and found Mooney dead in the Bunker Hill luxury apartment where she lived.

On September 10, the family of Coates, another female model, found Coates dead in her apartment. Coates did not respond to calls from his family for several days. Both incidents occurred less than three miles apart. Although Mooney’s case was considered a murder, as of September 18, Coates’ case was no longer being investigated as a murder.

It is unclear whether there is any connection between the two deaths.

Coates’ family told KTLA television in a tearful interview that they believed Coates was murdered. Coates’ aunt Mae Stevens described, “(looking at the body) I almost didn’t recognize him.” “It was murder. Coates had one leg in the air in a kicking position. It was clearly not a natural death.” Coates’ mother also told KTLA that the scene of her daughter’s death was bloody and horrific.

Coates’ friends said that the last time they heard from Coates, Coates said she had gone on a date on September 8.

Sergeant Drake Madison of the Los Angeles Police Department said it is still unclear what happened when Coates died and that authorities do not have any evidence to rule it a homicide. Los Angeles County Medical Examiner Ricardo Lopez said the death is still under investigation and no information regarding the cause of death can be released at this time.

Coates’ family isgofundmeThe website launched a fundraising campaign, and by the 18th, more than 15,000 yuan had been raised to pay for Coates’ funeral expenses.

Additionally, the LAPD is investigating Mooney’s murder and hopes the public can provide relevant clues to help solve the case.

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