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Kamala Harris’ dance tour to help Biden win youth vote mocked

vice presidenthe jinli(Kamala Harris) recently entered a university in...

TSMC has a turnover rate of less than 5%. Zhang Zhongmo reveals three major advantages of Taiwan’s chip manufacturing

The Judges Association of the Republic of China held the opening ceremony of the “2023 International Judges Association 65th Annual Conference and 70th Anniversary Celebration” at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Taipei.TSMCFounder Zhang Zhongmou gave a special speech “In TaiwanWafer“Competitive Advantages of Manufacturing”; Zhang Zhongmo pointed out that Taiwan has the advantages of talent, low turnover rate and convenient transportation. Nowadays, most people in developed countries use chip products made in Taiwan. “Taiwan must protect this leadership position.”

Zhang Zhongmo first talked about the development of semiconductors (a brief history of chips). Chips refer to semiconductors and integrated circuits, and wafer manufacturing is also wafer manufacturing. In his speech, he talked about the universality of chips, division of labor in chip. Industry, and Taiwan Wafer Manufacturing. Based on the above advantages, it is said that TSMC produces about 50% of the world’s chips and 90% of the world’s advanced chips.

He said that Gordon Moore discovered in 1965 that transistors would double every one and a half to two years, which was called “Moore’s Law”. This rapid increase in transistors allowed chips to become widely used, making them ubiquitous.

Zhang Zhongmo said that chips are everywhere, such as national defense missiles, industrial and commercial computers,cellphoneChips are used in cars, vehicles etc. He used Apple mobile phones as a metaphor and asked the attendees how many chips are in a mobile phone? Zhang Zhongmou replied that there are millions of transistors in the chip, and there are 15 billion transistors in an Apple mobile phone.

After this, Zhang Zhongmo told the audience about TSMC’s unique business model. Typically, wafer design, research and development, packaging and testing are mostly performed by a single company, but TSMC has developed its own business model and focuses on capital and technology-intensive research. and development.,wafer fab,advanced semiconductor packaging,focus only on design,and promise not to compete with IC customers.

He said Taiwan’s first advantage in wafer manufacturing is its talent, which includes a large number of high-quality engineers. Most of Taiwan’s youth aged 18 to 22 have graduated from universities, and technicians have graduated from three-year colleges. Although there are few three-year colleges today, there are few junior colleges, and most young people attend four-year universities. “I think it’s a pity,” but engineers are eager to work in the wafer manufacturing industry. Like astronauts, they have to wear special equipment and work in clean rooms.

Zhang Zhongmo pointed out that another advantage is that Taiwan’s turnover rate is low and semiconductor working hours in the United States are much longer. The United States had a competitive advantage in the 1950s and 1960s, but things have changed and times have passed. Now Taiwan has such an advantage. The situation may change in the next few decades. Change, but this is Taiwan’s current advantage.

He said that TSMC’s annual turnover rate is about 4 to 5%, and in the United States in the late 1970s and 1980s, the annual turnover rate was 15 to 20%. This is a very serious problem. It takes several years to train an engineer, and the turnover rate is more than 10%. How can we achieve good results?

Zhang Zhongmo said the third advantage is that Taiwan has convenient transportation with high-speed rail and highways. TSMC has three manufacturing plants and one to two thousand engineers involved in high-speed rail. Workplace and residence are not in the same city. From Monday to Friday, you can go to your dormitory or go home on weekends for half a year or a year. This method is not possible in the United States.

Zhang Zhongmo finally said that he read a report that the world population has exceeded 7 billion, and 75% of people have smartphones, which surprised him. He said most people in developed countries will use products made in Taiwan. Chip Products, “Taiwan needs to protect this leadership position.”

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Kamala Harris’ dance tour to help Biden win youth vote mocked

vice presidenthe jinli(Kamala Harris) recently entered a university in...

Evergrande unexpectedly cancels debt restructuring meeting WSJ: China’s housing market crisis may get worse

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