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Exclusive Content:

Transforming sustainable beauty into your daily routine Founder Liao Yiwen reveals her subtraction experiment in skin care

In recent years, the concept of sustainability has become popular, and “clean beauty” has become one of the mainstream in the beauty care market. Green Wine has become the number one brand associated with sustainable beauty in Taiwan among many foreign brands. Liao Yiwen, co-founder and CEO of Green Wine, said that Green Wine will officially develop into a multi-brand enterprise in 2022. At the same time, it will also answer the reason for the existence of green wine through these three brands, allowing more sustainable alternatives to sprout into life…

The starting point of green wine business was Taoyuan Farm, which was the first living seedling, hoping to bring more real nutrition back to the dinner table.After that, they launched the “subtraction first” pure skin through the “green wine life” brand. Entered the beauty and skin care industry providing care and cleaning products.e-commerceBuild a customer base through channels, and then move into physical channels, achieving higher repurchase rates through virtual and physical integration.

In 2022, the pure fragrance brand “Auscentique” will be launched. With its new “minor fragrance” type, 100% natural origin and transparent disclosure of all ingredients, it has won consumers’ recognition and ushered in explosive growth last year.

The Green Wine team first started as a seedling. Although its starting point was good, it is stuck in the difficulty of scaling up production technology. There are many difficulties and constraints in terms of yield and production capacity. By 2020JapanLeading fresh food brand “Murakami Farm” has entered into cross-sea technical cooperation. With the help of “Murakami Farm”, the farm has been renovated and replanted. In 2022, the fresh food brand “One Inch Fresh” will be officially launched, and “Three Days Miao Super Blue and White” will be launched. “Coconut Plants”.

“Murakami Farm” Murakami Farm has 10 production bases in Japan, and its annual revenue has reached tens of billions of yen. Liao Yiwen described the cooperation with “Murakami Farm” as a five-year interview. Japanese companies are very cautious in choosing partners.Through continuous exchanges and visits to each other’s farms, they finally won the trust of the other party and signed a 20-year long-term cooperation contract based on the same concept.

Although it originated from sprouts, green wine currently accounts for the highest revenue contribution from beauty care. In recent years, the concept of sustainability has become popular, and “pure care” has become one of the mainstream in the beauty care market, including Shiseido’s acquisition of Drunk Elephant in 2019, and Drunk Elephant’s acquisition of Drunk Elephant in 2021. Last year, Laiya announced the acquisition of Youth to the People, which shows that mainstream beauty groups are optimistic about the purity trend in the past two years. According to estimates, the net market valuation will reach US$11.5 billion in 2027, an increase of 12.7% compared to 2020. This is a world trend that cannot be ignored.

Liao Yiwen said: “We have seen that in recent years, driven by consumer awareness, beauty brands have gradually integrated with ESG, especially environmental requirements. The brand concept of green wine has from the beginning Believes that sustainability and beauty should not be two different things. Choose one, so from the selection of formula ingredients to the selection of various packaging materials, we are the first to integrate the concept of sustainable recycling into products, making green wine Has become the biggest competitive advantage.

Unlike most of the beauty and skin care products in the market which always advertise multiple additions and multiple effects in one, Green Wine develops products based on the basic spirit and principle of “2 minus 1 plus”. This includes the elimination of redundant processes, the elimination of over 2,900 redundant materials and the introduction of necessary transparency. Liao Yiwen explained that green wine starts from sensitive skin and then goes to sustainable natural purity. It advocates that maintenance should be simple and not require many steps. It gradually attracts a group of customers who care about quality of life and pay attention to sustainability. This is our main customer group.

In 2022, “Auscentique”, the third brand under Green Wine Development, inherits the team’s subtraction-first purity philosophy and uses an all-natural formula to create 100% pure essential oil fragrances, while maintaining transparent disclosures. Also emphasizes. Auscentique is primarily sold in physical green wine stores and counters. Although it is a new brand, it has grown very fast. It helped the green wine counter in the first-level theater department store in Xinyi District of Taipei enter the top three of the floor performances last year, and its performance was excellent.

“Auscentique” not only provides Green Wine’s original skin care product users with more product choices, but also helps Green Wine bring in a new group of customers, which surprises and excites the team. “Fragrance attaches great importance to the experience. Auscentique’s mission is to allow nature’s original form to be continued in fragrance. The smell of woods and grass can bring a completely relaxing feeling.” Liao Yiwen said.

Luteng’s annual revenue has been growing steadily, exceeding 100 million yuan, and has maintained double-digit growth three years after the epidemic. Although the main market is Taiwan, Luteng is seeking diversified cooperation in the international market to lay a more stable foundation for the brand. Therefore, not only “One Inch Fresh” and Japan’s “Murakami Farm”, Auscentic’s brand building and bottle design are also cooperated with the Japanese team, and the maintenance and sustainable materials of Green Wine Life are directly coordinated with the French laboratory. Is co-produced. The goal is to move out of Taiwan and expand into overseas markets.

Luteng’s three founders, including CEO Zheng Hanrui, Chief Executive Officer Liao Yiwen and Yicunxian brand leader Xu Weize, all graduated from the Department of Finance of National Taiwan University, and entered the financial sector as soon as they graduated, asset Entered management, respectively insurance, and banking. They all have business backgrounds and love business. All three of them believe in the power brought by business. However, what they feel in the financial industry is mostly an illusion of business, which may not reflect a real positive impact on the world. Therefore, they choose to use entrepreneurship to change the world and make it a better place.

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