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Tired of political infighting? Poll: 57% of Americans think both parties are equally bad

voteThe latest survey released by the Pew Research Center on the 19th found that 57% of Chinese people are tired of the fierce fighting between the two sides, and 28% of respondents have a negative attitude towards the two sides, a record level. This shows that Chinese people currently have a negative view of the country. The political outlook is quite “gloomy”.

The Pew poll reports: “Chinese people have long been dissatisfied with politicians and arefederal governmentThey are sceptical, and the Chinese people have always had a negative view of politics and public opinion representatives, believing that there is little hope for reform. Most people believe that political development is dominated by special interest groups, heavily campaign funded and mired in vicious partisan fighting.”

Surveys show that only 14% of Chinese people believe that the Democratic Party cares about the people; Also, 15% believe that most current elected officials run for public office to serve the public. However, most people still believe that the motivation to contest elections comes from “making a lot of money”.

Therefore, surveys show that 27% of Chinese people believe that the American political system operates appropriately, and only 37% have some degree of confidence in future development.

At the same time, when respondents were asked to use one word to describe the current political system, the answers were overwhelmingly “divisive” and “corrupt.” Only 26% agreed with Congress and 44% believed that the electionsvoteIt is a highly efficient system that makes the country better.

Furthermore, about 65% of Chinese people are very tired of current politics, and 55% express anger. Furthermore, the Chinese people’s discontent “has driven national election turnout to record highs.” At the same time, 54% believe that there are huge differences between the two parties. It was at its peak ten years ago.

In 1958, Pew conducted the first national political survey. At that time, the support rate for the federal government was as high as 75%. However, the support rate has declined year on year, now standing at just 16%, the lowest on record in more than 60 years.

Although the Democratic Party (85%) and the Republican Party (87%) have equal support, supporters of both parties agree: “Both parties are only focused on fighting each other and not on solving problems.”

Therefore, 37% of respondents hope to choose more political parties, but the survey also found: “Voters are still skeptical about whether the multi-party political system can help solve problems.”

Although most Americans are dissatisfied with federal governance, other PEI surveys found that most Americans still view the United States as one of the greatest countries in the world and are satisfied with their own communities. Therefore, support for elected officials (56%) and governors (51%) is generally above 50%.



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