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There are more people on welfare in New York than before the pandemic

Despite repeated claims by Mayor Eric AdamsNew York CityThe number of jobs has come backpandemicBefore the pandemic, the economy continued to improve, but data showed that more and more New Yorkers began to rely on public welfare, and the number exceeded before the pandemic, reflecting an uneven economic recovery.

Data shows that the number of New Yorkers currently using food stamps is 15% higher than at the beginning of 2020, and the number of people using federal Medicaid (Medicaid) is 25% higher than before the pandemic. Is. The biggest increase in numbers is the number of people dependent on cash subsidies, which has increased by 50% compared with before the pandemic, reaching nearly 500,000 people. Moreover, about 100,000 of them have been living without a subsidy for more than five years. reliant on cash subsidies, putting a huge strain on the city’s finances. this yearBudgetThe amount of money used for cash subsidies increased by 800 million yuan.

And if the state Parliament and the state government agree to increase the monthly amount of cash subsidy in the budget for the new financial year, the financial pressure on the project will be even greater. “Our clients say they can’t afford laundry, they use dishwashing liquid to wash their hair, and they have to compromise on personal care,” said Susan Weber of Legal Aid.

And data shows that people in New York City are living above the poverty line, and many more are in need of financial assistance than before the pandemic. Some experts said this is mainly due to the rising cost of living after the epidemic, especially housing costs.

Currently, about 1.7 million New Yorkers are enrolled in federal Medicaid, a number that has actually declined in recent months as agencies have begun checking the eligibility of enrollees. At the same time, 1.75 million citizens are using food stamps.

Of the approximately 500,000 citizens who receive cash assistance, most use New York State and New York City aid programs rather than federal aid. About 139,000 of them are enrolled in the state’s Family Assistance Program, which is funded by the federal government and provides up to 60 months of subsidies to eligible families with at least one young child. It ranges from 460 yuan per month for a family of two to 1,455 yuan per month for a family of six, and the time limit is set by the federal government.

The remaining 358,000 people are enrolled in a “safety net assistance” program funded by state and city governments, of whom more than 116,000 were transferred to the program after the end of the five-year home assistance program. Other enrollees include single adults and people like refugees who are not eligible for federal cash benefits. City government data shows the number of people enrolled in the safety net program has increased by 64% compared with before the pandemic.

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