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Exclusive Content:

The world’s oldest family eats the same lunch every day

Best-selling author Dan Buettner has spent his life studying the living habits of people in “blue zones” (areas with the highest rates of longevity). People living in these areas often live into their 90s or 100s. That issocial mediaIn the latest post, he shared the daily diet of the “world’s oldest family”.

ItalyThe Melis family of Sardinia has always been a model of longevity. In 2012, it set a Guinness World Record for the combined age of its nine surviving siblings. The combined age of the nine siblings is 861 years, which is the oldest. It is 109 years old. Buettner said in the film that they eat the same lunch every day.

This is lunch: minestrone with chickpeas, pinto beans and white kidney beans, sourdough bread and a glass of red wine (2-3 ounces).

Although there are many factors besides diet that influence a person’s lifespan, this lunch supports what Buettner calls the “Blue Zone Diet,” which emphasizes eating natural, unprocessed whole foods and plants.

Buettner said the Mellis family ate soup made from a variety of vegetables grown near their home, which always included three types of beans: chickpeas, pinto beans and white kidney beans.

New York CitySamantha Cassetti, nutritionist and co-author of Sugar Shock, says people with the longest and healthiest lives eat an additional half-cup to one cup of beans a day; Moreover, vegetable soup is rich in vegetables, which is the best longevity food.

Bread is not often thought of as a health food, but it can be part of a quality diet, and choosing sourdough bread may be particularly beneficial for gut health. Cassetti explains that people in “blue zones” eat fermented foods every day. Naturally fermented sourdough bread does not cause a spike in blood sugar like white bread, and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Buettner emphasized that the Mellis family likes to “sip” 2 or 3 ounces of wine, which is half the typical 5-ounce serving. Drinking one drink a day could pose other health risks, experts warn.

Cassetti said the Mellis family’s lunch was a balanced diet consisting mainly of whole plant foods and adequate protein. People can get all the protein they need from plants, as long as they meet their calorie requirements and consume a variety of protein sources.

Eating the same thing every day might bother nutritionists, but Cassetti says the Mellis family can eat lunch without any worries. If a person was eating the same thing every day, she would only be concerned if it lacked plant diversity or lacked plant foods; But this lunch was 100% plant-based and varied.

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