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The US Commerce Secretary is unhappy that Huawei is launching a new phone “at this time”: he will do everything possible to stop it…

usaMinistry of CommerceMayor Raimondo said on Tuesday (19th) that she washuaweiShe was “troubled” by the announcement of the new phone during her visit to China last month, but from the United States’ perspective, there is no evidence that China will “mass produce” the high-end features of this new phone. Can do.Wafer,

“We will make every effort to use every tool at our disposal to prevent China from developing scientific and technological capabilities that are harmful to the United States,” Raimondo said at a congressional hearing Tuesday.

After Bloomberg News hired TechInsights to tear apart the Mate 60 Pro, the latest smartphone released by Huawei, it was revealed that the new Kirin 9000s chip uses SMIC’s most advanced 7nm technology. The US Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security this month began investigating Huawei’s new phones and its 7-nanometer chips. Bloomberg said it was unclear whether the supply of SMICs to Huawei had been approved by the Commerce Ministry. Huawei has been included in the US trade blacklist.

Raimondo said she would not comment on any ongoing investigations, but said the Commerce Department would investigate any company found to be violating U.S. export regulations.

Last week, a group of lawmakers led by Republican Congressman Michael McCaul called on the Commerce Department to completely separate Huawei and SMIC from their US suppliers. Lawmakers believe Huawei’s launch of new phones equipped with high-end chips proves US sanctions are ineffective, and they urge Washington to impose tougher sanctions.

Huawei plans to produce 15 million smartphones equipped with self-developed Kirin chips in 2023. That number will reach 70 million by 2024, according to a recent estimate by Haitong International Securities analysts Jeff Pu and Anson Tong. Although this quantity cannot be compared with the more than 200 million iPhone chips produced by TSMC every year, Huawei is rapidly expanding its chip production capacity with the help of SMIC.



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