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Exclusive Content:

The United States was warned about the terrorist attack two weeks in advance and specifically named the location where the attack took place. Russia suspected that this was the reason for reducing its vigilance.

The Washington Post reported on the 2nd that, according to knowledgeable US officials, more than two weeks before the terrorist attack on the Moscow concert hall, the US government had toldRussiaAuthorities said the Crocus City Hall concert hall was a possible target in the terrorist attack.

The Crocus City Hall concert hall, located in the suburbs of Moscow, was attacked by terrorists on the evening of March 22, in which more than 140 people were killed. The extremist organization Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility and the United States and European countries convicted ofafghanistanBranch, Islamic State (ISIS-K) in Khorasan. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin still tried to blame Ukraine.

China PostAccording to reports, the US Embassy in Russia publicly announced on March 7 that it was “monitoring reports that extremists are targeting large gatherings (including concerts) in Moscow” and warned US citizens “next Advised to avoid large gatherings for 48 hours.” ” People familiar with the matter said that a day before the public warning, the United States had shared with Russia the intelligence it had.

Naryshkin, director of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), said that “American intelligence agencies” provide information to Russia’s domestic intelligence agency, the Federal Security Service (FSB). He told reporters on the 2nd that the information shared by the United States was “too general and does not allow us to fully identify the person who committed this terrible crime.” However, in response to US intelligence, Russia took “appropriate measures to prevent” the attack.

A US official reported that despite the lack of effective security measures at Saffron City Hall, there were still signs that Russia had at least initially taken US warnings seriously, including information about a planned IS attack on the synagogue. was also included, but there was no subsequent increase. In safety and security measures. The reason for the persistence is unclear. Some US officials speculated that Russian security agencies might not have noticed the terrorist attack after March 7, so they assumed the US information was inaccurate and relaxed their vigilance.

The Washington Post reported that the US warning was clear, highlighting Washington’s belief that IS would carry out an attack that would endanger many civilians. It also directly contradicts Moscow’s claim that the US warning is too general and would not help prevent an attack. At the same time, the US identification of the Crocus City Hall as a potential target is not only a fact that has not been disclosed before, but also raises new questions as to why the Russian authorities failed to take stronger protective measures.

A Kremlin spokesperson did not respond to The Post’s questions on the matter; A spokesperson for the White House National Security Council (NSC) declined to comment on the Post’s report. The NSC had previously acknowledged that the United States had briefed “about a planned terrorist attack in Moscow”, but did not say that the Crocus City Hall had been named as a possible target.

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