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Exclusive Content:

The United States, France and Japan issue stamps for the Year of the Dragon that are both fierce and beautiful.

This year is the year of the dragon. In ancient Chinese culture, the dragon is considered a noble and auspicious animal. During the Spring Festival, the United States, France,JapanAndUnited NationsThey all issue zodiac signs for the Year of the Dragon, but foreign interpretations of the Dragon’s image differ. There are ferocious dragons with red eyes and sharp teeth, and there are also chubby dragons with beady eyes.

enterUnited States Postal ServiceOn the USPS website, the Year of the Dragon stamp promotion emphasizes that the Year of the Dragon is the most auspicious year among the twelve Chinese zodiac animals. It is said that people born in the year of the Dragon are successful, intelligent and powerful. The pattern design is mainly gold and red, with unique 3D paper-cut red eyes and a “dragon head” with a red nose and sharp teeth.

However, this “dragon head” design is very different from the usual image of a majestic dragon. Opinion has been divided since its launch. Some people think it “looks like a cow and a monkey”, and many people also say that they think the American dragon is “a little fierce”.

The U.S. Postal Service’s Year of the Dragon stamps feature gold for financial prosperity and red for luck. (Taken from the United States Postal Service)

The French Post (La Poste) offered more background on the dragon, saying that the dragon is a symbol of the Chinese emperor and is associated with power and luck. People born under the Dragon zodiac sign are brave, optimistic, determined, and especially ambitious.

This year, France issued two commemorative postage stamps for the Year of the Dragon. One of them features a flying dragon on a blue background; The other features a dragon with an upward-looking dragon head on a red background. Both stamps bear the inscription “Year of the Dragon” in Chinese and French.

According to China Jimu News, the designer of this stamp, French-Chinese painter Chen Jianghong, said that the design combines meticulous and freehand brushwork techniques, and uses red elements, which symbolize auspiciousness.

Year of the Dragon stamps issued by France Post.  (Xinhua News Agency)
Year of the Dragon stamps issued by France Post. (Xinhua News Agency)

Japan Post Office’s Year of the Dragon stamps use illustrations from illustrator Kawasaki Jusen’s folk toy series. They are different from the majestic dragons commonly depicted by Chinese people. Instead, they have big eyes, a chubby appearance, and they are very cute and full of fun.

The Year of the Dragon stamps issued by the United Nations Postal Administration (UN Stamps) depict a blue dragon in the style of Chinese micro painting. Furthermore, in conjunction with the year of Jiachen in 2024, Jiamu is green and Chen is dragon. People call this year the concept of “Year of the Blue Dragon”.

Year of the Dragon stamp issued by the United Nations Postal Administration.  (Xinhua News Agency)
Year of the Dragon stamp issued by the United Nations Postal Administration. (Xinhua News Agency)

The dragon on the UN Year of the Dragon stamps is delicate and vibrant with rich colors. The blue dragon appears to be leaping from the ticket. With the posture of flying in the clouds and mist, it indicates good fortune and good luck, and it also looks domineering.

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