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Exclusive Content:

The Tangshan case is a replica of the Sichuan 2 girl who refused a stranger’s request to accompany him for a drink and was beaten with blood all over her face.

Two girls from Sichuan province were having a late-night snack at a restaurant in Neijiang city. A strange man at the next table asked the girls to come and have a drink with him. When both girls refused, their faces were covered with blood. It was similar to the “Tangshan incident” that happened two years earlier. Repeat. Local police announced that the person involved in the collision had been arrested.

Source: YouTube

Economic TV Live reported that some netizens revealed that on the 3rd, at a beef noodle shop next to Wanda Plaza in Dongxing District, Neijiang City, two underage girls were harassed by a man while eating early in the morning. Was done, and a verbal and physical struggle occurred. Result happened.

The video shows that at that time, customers were eating at several tables in the beef noodles shop, including three male customers at one table and two female customers at the other table. At 4:07, amidst three male customers, a man dressed in black stood up and walked towards two female customers. After sitting and talking to two female customers, the man dressed in black suddenly punched both women. Immediately, another woman at the same table got up and kicked the man dressed in black to retaliate. After that, the man dressed in black punched and kicked both women. Ultimately, the two parties were separated by store employees.

One of the girls, Xiao Li, said she was 16 years old, the same age as her best friend. “At the same time, a strange man in black came to chat with us and suddenly said he wanted to help us pay.” Bill. We said there was no need and he asked us to go and drink with him. We don’t agree.” To send the man away, she deliberately said: “We just said it’s okay to drink, and you Take out 100,000 yuan. At that time, she was joking and refusing, thinking that this way he would not come to trouble us.”

Xiao Li’s best friend was beaten until her face was covered in blood. (Taken from Economic View live broadcast/photo provided by the interviewer)

Xiao Li said, “Maybe this sentence made that man angry. The man started saying bad words, and then suddenly opened his hands and attacked Xiao Li and his best friend. “He chased me all the time, hit me on the head, kicked my stomach, and my best friend’s face was covered in blood.” Xiao Li said that after the beating, the man in black even threatened to If they dared to call the police, they would hack them to death. After being dissuaded by the store clerk and the man’s friends, the man stopped and left with his friends. Xiao Li and his best friend Called the police immediately.

Police from the Tongjiba police station in Neijiang city said they had seen the video online and received a call from the girl, and were currently investigating.



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