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More than 200 martial arts masters compete in Los Angeles

The 2nd North American International Wushu Championship (West Coast...

“The most beautiful Chinese girl” ChatGPT pinched the netizen: I saw the shadow of many people

A “chatgptThe photo of the most beautiful Chinese girl without makeup has recently caused heated discussions on the Internet. According to ChatGPT, it created images showing the natural, makeup-free faces of Chinese women “without any specific beauty standards”. Many netizens said “very handsome”, but also “saw the shadow of many people”. Other experts called for “ChatGPT’s father Ultraman to leave China” because ChinaAyeMany companies are still quite “retarded”, “We really need Ultraman.”

Kuai Technology reported that this photo, which has been widely discussed on various social platforms and online forums, is titled “The most beautiful Chinese girl created by ChatGPT” and is said to be an image created by ChatGPT. it is well knownAyeThe program description of the picture states that it is a natural and unchangeable Chinese girl, showing her pure, makeup-free face. The image highlights her natural beauty and conveys gentle, peaceful facial features that epitomize authenticity and grace.

Kuai Technology reported that this photo of “the most beautiful Chinese girl taken by ChatGPT” has spread across all fishing platforms. According to Chatgpt’s own words, creating the facial image of the “most beautiful Chinese girl” required taking into account the diversity and subjectivity of beauty. To honor and showcase this diversity, this image was created.

The image highlights her natural beauty, showing gentle, peaceful facial features that epitomize authenticity and beauty; Shows the natural, makeup-free face of a Chinese girl without any specific beauty standards. It added that such images would focus on natural beauty rather than adhering to any particular beauty standards.

Many netizens commented that she has natural beauty, gentleness and elegance, but she is similar to many beauties, and has many shadows.

According to Lee’s video, the OpenAI board of directors announced that Sam Altman will resign as CEO and leave the board of directors. In this regard, economist Ma Guangyuan said that ChatGPT made its founder unemployed during its extremely popular golden age, and Ultraman will never be without work. He suggested that since OpenAI doesn’t want Ultraman, could we find a way to lure him to China? After all, Chinese artificial intelligence companies are still quite “retarded” in many situations, and we really need Ultraman.

Netizens responded to this suggestion, saying, “Really? You drank too much,” “That’s very interesting, there is a shortage of Ultraman in China?”, “The main reason is that people look down on you,” and “You drink too much before”, “Drinking two pounds”, “Maybe it’s a good idea”, “As expected of a bricklayer”.



More than 200 martial arts masters compete in Los Angeles

The 2nd North American International Wushu Championship (West Coast...

Yonhap News Agency: A US F-16 fighter plane crashes into the Yellow Sea

Yonhap news agency reported that sources have learned that...

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More than 200 martial arts masters compete in Los Angeles

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