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Exclusive Content:

The Koh City government was accused of involvement in match-fixing to enrich the Taiwan Chi-kuang People’s Party and sanctioned selective disclosure of information

Controversy continues over transmission fees for police surveillance cameras in Taipei City. People’s Party spokesman Wu Yi-hsuan said today that Taipei City Councilor Hong Wanzhen “selectively” disclosed information to mislead the public. During the time of the Koh City government the contract amendment was actually a priority to restrict Taipei Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Rent the right to do your best within the scope of what you can do.

former mayor of taipei cityke wenzheJiang Wannan has had many confrontations in recent days,Democratic Progressive PartyTaipei City Councilor Hong Wan-jen pointed out today that the Taipei City Government changed the contract three times in 2012, 2015 and 2019, but did not change the general direction and selectively changed small areas. This is similar to match fixing and fattening. The originator of the light of knowledge.

Wu Yixuan responded via a press release that the chart presented by Hung Wan-jen came from the 2019 Taipei City Government Information Bureau Project Report Briefing. However, he deliberately ignored the same briefing and later mentioned that the standard for giving priority to renting network services was considered binding on various agencies by the legal opinion in this case. As for the demand for “non-fiber networks,” “At present, our government has reached an agreement with Taiwan Intelligent Optical Co., Ltd. that clearly stipulates that the “network service” in this case is limited to fiber optic network services. is limited. Therefore, if our government uses other network technologies, it does not need to be restricted by this contract.”

Wu Yixuan said that at that time, the Taipei City Information Bureau modified the contract and instead limited the “network services” to “fiber optic services” in order to avoid the current situation of hijacking by unequal treaties and the use of Taipei To increase the flexibility of agencies to do so. Optoelectronics.

Wu Yixuan pointed out that both parties must agree to modify the contract. As for the priority of the lease in the original contract, this was questioned by City Hall at the time. During the process, it also actively consulted legal advisors to evaluate the feasibility of terminating it. Contract. The conclusion was “unless Tai Chiguang can satisfy the agency.” “Demand”, otherwise it must give priority to leasing Taichiguang’s services according to the original contract.

Wu Yixuan explained that if the contract is to be terminated without Tai Chi Light compensating its losses, Tai Chi Light must have “poor management” or “other major circumstances” to make the terms of termination. The source of everything comes from this unequal original contract, and the Keshi government can only find ways to break away from the original contract framework and make maximum efforts.

Wu Yixuan said that based on the above conditions, a “big situation” has now been determined, and he called on council members to monitor the situation and call on the current Chiang Wanan City Government to terminate the contract and once the unequal Asked to resolve the treaty. And for everyone.



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