Home World News The king of singers sends blessing videos. High-level customization starts at 5 digits.

The king of singers sends blessing videos. High-level customization starts at 5 digits.

The king of singers sends blessing videos.  High-level customization starts at 5 digits.

Recently, a news broke that several celebrities and Internet personalities recorded a video to celebrate the birthday of a member of a telecommunications fraud family in northern Myanmar, which sparked controversy. Later, some media revealed the inside story, saying that similar blessing videos are selling well on the Internet, and ordinary blessing videos generally sell for 200. The price ranges from RMB 400 to RMB 400. It can also be customized to a high-end and private level, and even invite A-list celebrities. However, the asking price is quite high, starting at least five figures.

Jinan Daily affiliate New Media New Yellow River reported that the controversial video was suspected to have been filmed at a birthday party. A video was played on a large screen in the center of the stage. Many celebrities and internet personalities were included in the video.

In recent years, celebrity blessing videos often appear in the promotional videos of many small and medium-sized enterprises and micro businesses. Even many personal weddings and birthday parties will have videos with blessings from celebrities and artistes.

According to reports, many on the Internete-commerceAfter entering the keyword “celebrity blessing video” for search, the platform found dozens of pages of products. The price of most “blessing videos” ranged from tens to hundreds of yuan.

Among them, the store selling the most blessing videos has a monthly sales volume of more than 1,000. A store with high sales volume said, “Selling 20-30 orders a week on Taobao is no problem for a blessing video.”

The report pointed out that in addition to the regular “celebrity blessing video”, the store also has European and American sexy blessings and Internet celebrity dance blessings. The duration of similar blessing videos ranges from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. “Basically, the price is based on the level of celebrity of the celebrity.”

According to Xu Feng, a store that sells blessing videos all year round, the price of blessing videos varies depending on the customized content. Relatively simple videos can sell for hundreds or thousands, and professional personal customizations can even sell for five. High-figure, six-figure prices.

“The price of a simple video is between 200 yuan and 400 yuan.” Xu Feng said that most of the normal versions of the video involve three to five foreigners, some unified slogans and matching dances are also added. “The regular version of the video is the best-selling and best-selling. Generally, the best selling time is during the Spring Festival holidays or major festivals, and they are often sold out during busy periods.”

The price of the high-end version of Ashirwad Video is very different from the regular version. In the “Blessing Video” displayed by Xu Feng, you can see that there are different levels of “star actors”, including “Blessing video of kings and first-line singers”, “Blessing video of couple actors”, “Blessing video of Are included. Cross Talk Actors” and “Blessing of Hong Kong and Taiwan Stars Video” etc. In addition to the above sample video, Xu Feng also provided a “Celebrity Price List”. The names of many famous first-line artists are shown in the list. The prices marked after all the names are more than five digits, with the highest price starting at 120,000 yuan.

The prices will also be varied according to the popularity of the celebrity. The starting price of the first-tier famous stars is 10,000 yuan, and the price of the second-tier and third-tier stars is reduced by 2,000 yuan. In the sample photos sent by Xue Feng, many celebrities were smiling and saying, “I wish you happiness as the East China Sea, longevity as the southern mountains, and happiness every day.”