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Exclusive Content:

The fraud industry is so widespread in northern Myanmar that at least 100,000 people have been arrested. China’s efforts to arrest the people could jeopardize China-Myanmar relations.

According to incomplete data, Northern Myanmar is engaged in telecommunicationsfraud syndicateThe number of suspects has reached 100,000. Chinese officials today preliminary confirmed that since September, relevant local law enforcement agencies in northern Myanmar have transferred a total of 31,000 telecom network fraud suspects to China.

The Beijing News reported today (21st) that in response to the current serious situation of telecommunications network fraud crimes in northern Myanmar, China’s Ministry of Public Security, since September this year, has operated under the command and deployment of the Ministry of Public Security. And the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department carried out fraud in Xishuangbanna, Pu’er, Lincang and other places. public security organs andmyanmarRelevant local law enforcement departments cooperated with border police law enforcement and launched a series of actions. So far, China has handed over 31,000 telecom network fraud suspects to northern Myanmar, including 63 behind-the-scenes “financiers”, organizational leaders and key personnel and 1,531 online fugitives. This action has achieved remarkable results.

The Ministry of Public Security said that since November, in order to step up the in-depth crackdown, public security agencies have deepened police law enforcement cooperation between China and Myanmar and launched a crackdown against telecommunications network fraud crimes in northern Myanmar. A fierce offensive campaign has been started. Ming Guoping, Ming Julan and Ming Jenzhen, key leaders of the Kokang Telecom Internet Fraud Crime Group in northern Myanmar, who were publicly wanted by public security organs, were successfully arrested and brought to justice. The first culprit, Ming Xuechang, committed suicide out of fear of crime. A large number of foreign fraud bases were successfully destroyed.

On November 18, the border police law enforcement cooperation of Dehong Public Security Bureau also achieved an important breakthrough. ​​The law enforcement department in northern Myanmar’s Muay region handed over 571 telecom network fraud suspects to China. So far, with the strong cooperation of all parties in Myanmar, a total of 31,000 telecommunications network fraud suspects have been transferred to China, including a small number of Taiwanese suspects who have also been transferred to China.

The large-scale crackdown on border telecommunications fraud has created a certain scale economic model due to the large number of local people. retail, catering, andemploymentWith close trade ties, thousands of people have been arrested, and fraudsters will subsequently face tough action, which also poses challenges for China-Myanmar relations.

Than Soe Naing, an expert on China-Myanmar issues and former member of the Communist Party of Myanmar, analyzed from the Chinese perspective that, “The military took action in accordance with the Chinese government’s requirements. However, the damage that China suffered was due to cyber fraud. That wasn’t enough, now the latest actions being taken near the border are leading to losses in trade revenue.



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