Home World News The first direct cross-strait route from Wuhan to Taoyuan, interrupted by the epidemic, resumes

The first direct cross-strait route from Wuhan to Taoyuan, interrupted by the epidemic, resumes

The first direct cross-strait route from Wuhan to Taoyuan, interrupted by the epidemic, resumes

After a lapse of nearly three years and eight months, HubeiWuhanDirect flights to Taoyuan, TaiwanrouteFinally restarted, flew from Wuhan to Taiwan on the morning of the 18th, and then from Taiwan to Wuhan, carrying about 200 passengers and landing. It is not only the first cross-strait route to resume operations in central China, but alsopandemicThe resumption of the previously interrupted cross-Strait route is of symbolic importance.

Flights from Wuhan to Taoyuan were resumed on the 18th and operated by China Eastern Airlines. The flight included Kuomintang Vice Chairman Lian Shengwen, Federation of Commerce Chairman Xu Shubo, and Wang Bolun, Chairman of the Industrial and Commercial Manufacturing Research Association. And others. According to passengers, the flight was fully booked. Except for Taiwanese businessmen, most of them took the opportunity to fly to Wuhan to participate in the 2023 Wuhan Taiwan Week. Song Tao, director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of China’s State Council, was unable to attend for some reason and was replaced by the deputy director. Pan Jianzhang participated.

On January 23, 2020, the city of Wuhan announced a city lockdown. On the same day, China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines announced the suspension of flights to Wuhan, and Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare announced a ban on people whose country of residence lists “Wuhan”. City, Hubei Province” from boarding flights to Taiwan.

Previously, there were originally 4 airlines operating 12 flights per week between Taiwan and Wuhan, including destinations like Kaohsiung, Taoyuan, Songshan and other destinations. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, there were only two “Wuhan charter flights” carrying stranded passengers in early 2020. Taiwanese people in Wuhan returned to Taiwan, but there were disagreements about this between officials on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Finally, with the strong support of the local Taiwanese Business Association, the charter flight mission was completed.

According to the civil aviation statistical annual report released by the Civil Aviation Administration of the Ministry of Transportation, in 2019 before the epidemic, 189,006 passengers traveled on Wuhan’s cross-strait routes, including 93,000 passengers at Taoyuan Airport, 67,000 at Kaohsiung Airport, and 67,000 passengers at Kaohsiung Airport. The airport handled 29,000 passengers. Songshan Airport. At that time, four cross-strait airlines, China Airlines, Mandarin Airlines, China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines, were operating routes to Wuhan.

It is understood that after the resumption of flights, China Eastern Airlines plans to operate two flights every Monday and every Thursday with flight number MU2087/2088. The outbound flight will take off from Wuhan at 15:05 and arrive at Taipei Taoyuan Airport at 17:30; The return flight will depart from Taipei Taoyuan Airport at 18:40 and arrive in Wuhan at 21:20. In addition to China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines will also resume flights on the route from Wuhan to Taoyuan, Taiwan on September 22; As for China Airlines, it will evaluate whether to resume flights or not.

At present, in addition to Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen and Chengdu destinations that have not been disrupted during the epidemic, the government announced the resumption of 10 direct flights to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Chengdu Is. Wuhan, Ningbo and Zhengzhou. point.