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Taiwan’s most powerful earthquake in 25 years, media attention focuses on disaster and chip supply chain

Taiwan’s most powerful earthquake in 25 years, media attention focuses on disaster and chip supply chain

A Rushi scale magnitude of 7.2 hit the coast of Hualien this morning.Earthquake, the worst disaster since the September 21 earthquake in 1999. As of 7 pm, there were 9 casualties, 946 injuries and 137 people stranded across the country. In addition to immediately reporting the disaster, major media also paid attention to the earthquake’s impact on the semiconductor industry.

The websites of CNN and BBC published real-time updates on the state of the disaster with the headlines “The most powerful earthquake in 25 years hits Taiwan” and “The biggest earthquake in 25 years hits Taiwan, leaving dozens trapped in tunnels”, respectively.

The New York Times website reported on the disaster with the headline “Taiwan’s most powerful earthquake in 25 years leaves hundreds injured” and noted that Taiwan has continued to recover from earthquakes since experiencing the 921 earthquake in 1999. In which about 2,500 people were killed. New building codes will be adopted in 2022 to strengthen prevention and response measures, and the structural safety of buildings.

That year, the Legislative Yuan passed an amendment to Article 77-1 of the Construction Act. If the structural safety of newly added legal buildings does not comply with current regulations and must be improved after assessment and inspection, improvements and reinforcements will be mandatory to ensure the safety of people’s residence.

The economic damage caused by the earthquake has not yet been estimated, but Taiwan produces some of the world’s most advanced computers, the Associated Press reported.Waferand other high-tech products, which are highly sensitive to earthquakes. Power was lost in some areas following the earthquake, which could lead to supply chain disruptions and financial losses.

Reuters also quoted analysts as saying that due to the earthquakeTSMCChipmakers such as China Electronics and UMC have partially suspended operations to furlough workers and inspect equipment, affecting some chip output, which could disrupt Asian semiconductor supply chains.

Bloomberg reported that the most powerful earthquake to hit Taiwan in 25 years “disrupted production at some of the world’s top chipmakers” and could have a negative impact on the technology industry and the global economy.

The report noted that Taiwan plays a key role in the production of advanced chips, which are the basis of artificial intelligence (AI), smartphones, electric vehicles and other technologies, so the scale of the impact could be large.

After the earthquake, the Zhunan plant of TSMC and Power Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was partially closed for preventive measures, according to the Zhuke Administration Bureau. Innolux’s Zhunan plant was also partially shut down, and KYEC’s and Damai’s entire plants were shut down. The technology was evacuated. AUO, UMC, macronics and power semiconductor manufacturing are common.

UMC said the Zuke and Nanke personnel were evacuated in accordance with operational standards. All workers are safe, factory facilities are normal, and some machines are shut down. Engineering staff are working hard to take inventory and restore the machines.

TrendForce said Taiwan is a major DRAM production center for Micron. Micron is currently suspending DRAM quotations and will resume price negotiations once the earthquake damage assessment is completed. Samsung, Hynix and memory module makers have also followed suit and stopped quotations.

Apart from Western media, after the strong earthquake in Hualien in the morning, “Taiwan” ranked first in the comment trend on Yahoo News Japan. In addition to leaving messages to cheer and pray for the Taiwanese people, most netizens also mentioned that they wanted to repay Taiwan when the earthquake struck Japan. The kindness of giving money and effort.

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