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Exclusive Content:

Taiwan’s Beigang Chaotian Palace National Games Draw Chairman: The year started well, but things may change after the Mid-Autumn Festival

Yunlin Beigang Chaotian Palace held the public lottery last night, and Chairman Cai Yongxun, representing the national destiny, held the Hong Kong lottery. He said that the lottery drawn this year looks good now, but it may change after the Mid-Autumn Festival, and all regions should think carefully about life, know how to adapt.

Chaotian Palace held a public lottery last night, pointing to Hong Kong’s destiny towards the national destiny, and Ji Chou’s lottery was drawn, which read: “The green willows are green at this time, let you go and do your best .The flowers and fruits are fruitful and will not wither, and you will have your own fortune and prosperity.” The signed poem alludes to “Dong Yong meets an immortal”.

The temple official said that lottery means that the current luck is about to end, so we should find some other way. As the saying goes, there is no way out in the end, but there is a bright future in another village. Change is not necessarily a bad thing. Moving forward bravely may create a new situation.

Yunlin Beigang Chaotian Palace attracted the public. Chairman Cai Yongxun pointed out that the national fortunes were good at the beginning of this year, but this may change after the Mid-Autumn Festival. (Reporter Chen Yeling/Reprinted photo)

Cai Yongxun said that if the Hong Kong transportation lottery is good, the whole country will be good. The six lotteries drawn this year all look similar. They look good now, but there should be a change after the middle of the year. Judging from the waterways, water conditions may improve after the Lunar Mid-Autumn Festival. Is it bad? If you grow rice, you can grow other crops in the second half of the year. You must know how to adapt. This should happen in all areas of life, think and adapt yourself.

The signature of Chaotian Palace is Yiwei, “The flowers are blooming and the fruits are half withered. It’s a pity that I wasted this year. The sun is slowly setting over the West Mountain. I recommend you You don’t look to the future.” Temple reported that luck was good early in the year, but in everything, be careful to avoid letting too much joy lead to unhappiness. Therefore, Our Lady, I would like to remind everyone that when things are going smoothly, be careful to prevent harm. Half had dried up, and although half was completely lost, the other half was still intact, which was somewhat comforting.

Waterway Draws Sino-Japanese War Lottery. “It is possible to sail in the calm breeze and waves, and it is exactly the time of the Mid-Autumn Festival. There is no need to worry too much about everything, and happiness will come naturally.” The temple explained that the weather should be smooth at the beginning of the year, but after the Mid-Autumn Festival, especially at the beginning of the month on the ninth day of the lunar calendar, there will be major changes, so pay attention.

Grain was taken out from hundreds of lots. “There is no need to plot in this matter. It is natural to know that the future will be strange. Watch where you go and find harmony, and gradually escape and see peace.” Temple explained that the whole of farming must change in the future, and that people will not be happy. We have to change course and find another way.

When the six animals were drawn, Zin had already been drawn, “The flowers have bloomed and now bear fruit, and they will be rich and prosperous until they grow old. When the gentleman and the villain meet, Everything will be peaceful and there will be no worries.” The temple explained that this meant that the six animals had good luck. But when the White Tiger appears in the pass play, be careful.

If the Wuchen Lottery is drawn for business, “You will be at ease and free, your family will be clean, and your family will have no worries. Your wealth will naturally be auspicious, and you will be secure in everything without asking. The temple official said that after looking at the last five lottery numbers, it was found that this year is a year of change. While doing business, do not expect too much, limit your goals and work continuously.

Yunlin Beigang Chaotian Palace attracted the public.  Chairman Cai Yongxun pointed out that the national fortunes were good at the beginning of this year, but that may change after the Mid-Autumn Festival.  (Reporter...
Yunlin Beigang Chaotian Palace attracted the public. Chairman Cai Yongxun pointed out that the national fortunes were good at the beginning of this year, but that may change after the Mid-Autumn Festival. (Reporter Chen Yeling/Reprinted photo)



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