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Strikes, impeachment, child prosecution…Biden will face many difficulties in September WSJ: The situation is not good

September is not a safe month for President Biden, son.hunter biden(Hunter Biden) convicted, United Auto Workers (UAW) begins strike, government may shut down after end of September due to budget issues, House of RepresentativesRepublican PartyWith the announcement of an impeachment inquiry against him and a surge in inflation, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) believes things are getting worse for Biden; However, Cable News Network (CNN) believes Biden’s plight has been exaggerated, with drastic changes afoot. Biden is determined to win the Democratic nomination and compete for re-election.

The Wall Street Journal reported on the 17th that Biden’s response to the current situation is to portray the Republican Party as a showman who is less interested in legislation than in law.white HousePointing out that Biden’s policies in September are proof of his effective leadership, such as investing in the fight against cancer, launching a new version of the new coronavirus vaccine and sending senior officials to Detroit to assist striking workers. White House spokesperson Olivia Dalton said the President cares about only one thing, doing something good for the people of the country.

Republican strategist Adrian Hammond said the UAW strike will depend on how long it lasts and what kind of economic sentiment it brings to voters. If sentiment is not good, Biden will suffer.

A recent WSJ poll reported that although voters have a relatively good view of the economy, few give Biden credit. Nearly three-fifths of respondents do not approve of Biden’s economic policies; The newspaper did not forget to emphasize that the UAW has not yet announced its support for Biden’s re-election.

The WSJ reported that Hunter was convicted of illegal gun possession on the 14th. The White House emphasized that the President did not discuss the matter with the Justice Department. The Republican Party believed that Hunter’s business activities were related to his father’s involvement, so House Speaker McCarthy announced the launch of an impeachment investigation against Biden on the 12th. However, CNN reported that even according to WSJ surveys, it is known that the case against Biden has not yet been investigated. Cause some loss.

The Republican Party has threatened to cut government spending, strengthen border security and end support for Ukraine. After the end of the fiscal year on the 30th, the federal government is at risk of a partial shutdown; The White House believes the Republican Party is responsible for the government shutdown. Although the WSJ recognizes that the Republican Party has suffered greatly from government shutdowns in the past, but given the low approval rating of Biden’s administration, it is difficult to determine who will lose people’s support in this shutdown.

The average price per gallon of gasoline in August was 3.84 yuan, up from 3.60 yuan in July. Consumer prices rose 0.6% in August, the biggest increase in more than a year; Biden vowed again to lower oil prices on the 14th. He also accused the Republican Party’s “Make America Great Again Economics” (MAGEnomics) of being the most extreme plan the country has ever seen. However, Republican National Convention Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel hit back, saying inflation is back and Biden will continue to use it. His “Bidenomics” comes across as an insult to working people across the country.

CNN reported that national affairs are in trouble, and inflation and economic conditions will worsen in the 2022 midterm elections. However, the Democratic Party did not perform poorly in the midterm elections. It is difficult to conclude that Biden’s re-election will definitely harm the economy.

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