Home World News Still feeling lingering fear after the earthquake? Psychiatrists suggest 3 tips

Still feeling lingering fear after the earthquake? Psychiatrists suggest 3 tips

Still feeling lingering fear after the earthquake? Psychiatrists suggest 3 tips

0403 Taiwan Hualien UniversityEarthquakeDisasters are reported in various places, and aftershocks often cause “shaking”, causing fear among people. Lin Jianhe, director of psychiatry at Chi Mei Hospital, explained that when faced with sudden natural disasters, many people may experience extreme anxiety, panic, and even post-traumatic stress disorder after an earthquake. It is recommended that three strategies be adopted to better restore their mental state.

Lin Jianhe said that from the perspective of psychiatric medicine, three major strategies are provided: physical activity relaxation, sleep management, social support and professional counseling to help people better recover and maintain their health.mental health,

Lin explained that the body may be in a state of high stress after an earthquake due to stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. Active participation in physical activities, such as brisk walking, yoga or any type of exercise, can help reduce stress hormones and promote “natural happy hormones” in the body. Release of orphins, which helps improve mood and reduce anxiety. Additionally, deep breathing, mindfulness meditation, or guided relaxation can also help restore balance and reduce physical reactions to hypervigilance.

“Good sleep is essential for mental health!” Lin Jianhe said that this could happen after the earthquakeinsomniaOr waking up at night and lack of sleep can increase anxiety and stress. Therefore, establishing a fixed sleep schedule, ensuring a quiet and comfortable sleep environment, and avoiding the use of electronic products before bed can all help improve sleep quality. Seek help from a professional therapist if necessary.

Lin Jianhe also emphasized that staying connected with family, friends, and community can not only provide emotional support, but also help you feel like you are not alone. If you find it difficult to control your anxiety and emotions, it is recommended that you seek professional psychological counseling and treatment, which can be an important step in returning to a normal life.

Due to the 0403 Hualien earthquake, there are continuous reports of disasters at various places, due to which people are in fear. (Provided by Chi Mei Hospital)