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She is cool and smart. North Korean experts comment on Kim Yo Jong: The most dangerous woman in the world

She is cool and smart.  North Korean experts comment on Kim Yo Jong: The most dangerous woman in the world

North KoreaLeaderKim Jong UnLast week, my sister visited Russia after many years of absence.Kim Yoo-jungWhen she traveled abroad, North Korea experts told Fox News Digital that Kim Yo Jong was already “the most dangerous woman in the world”.

Sung-Eun Lee, a professor at Tufts University’s Fletcher School, said: “I think Kim Yo Jong is currently one of the most important figures in Korean history and even global history. The most dangerous woman.”

He said: “Although she is relatively young, turning 36 at the end of September, she undoubtedly adds a soft image to this brutal, chauvinistic, male-dominated country. The outside world should take her very seriously.”

Kim Yo Jong first appeared in public in 2011 at the funeral of her father Kim Jong Il, but remained largely a background figure until the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. A few months later, Kim Yo Jong accompanied her brother Kim Jong Un to a historic summit with South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

He recently visited Russia with Kim Jong Un and visited the Vostochny Cosmodrome before the two leaders met.

Analysts believe Kim Yo Jong is Kim Jong Un’s successor, and Ri Sung Eun said she may play the role of “regent” until Kim Jong Un’s alleged youngest son takes power. Not getting old enough, though, may cause some wrestling.

Lee Sung-yoon said that if “there is some tension between the two sides”, he would “remember the harsh winter of 2013 when he and his brother killed their uncle Jang Song-taek.”

Following Kim Yo-jong’s first public appearance in South Korea, she issued at least 40 written statements on behalf of Kim Jong-un and Pyongyang officials, and ordered the bombing of the inter-Korean liaison office in North Korea.

Ri Sung-eun pointed out that this vested power is particularly troubling because it could give him, individually or jointly with his brother, control over North Korea’s nuclear arsenal. Kim Yo Jong made this point in several statements last year, when she threatened that “South Korea will face consequences if it fires even a single shot into North Korean territory.”

“We have never seen anything like this in North Korea, South Korea and global history, where a female co-leader, a female co-leader of a criminal regime made a nuclear threat and said I have the right to use nuclear weapons,” Lee said. , “Attack South Korea, a peaceful and peace-loving nation. Democratic neighbor”.

Researching this country, one of the most mysterious countries in the world, is difficult, but with the help of graduate students, Li Shengyun overcame “enormous difficulties” and was recognized by officials in China and even Taiwan, North Korea. Carefully examined every report on Kim Yo-jong. Statement and “Hundreds of years of North Korean video material.

Lee Sung-eun said: “Through all the images and statements released by North Korea, I saw that Kim Yo Jong holds a unique and powerful position in the North Korean class system. I also interviewed several people who Met him to get a glimpse of him.” About his personality, etc., but I have to admit that my book and my overall study of North Korea have limitations.

Ri Sung-eun speculated that North Korea could weaponize Kim Yo-jong by sending her to presidential or United Nations meetings, which would put these governing bodies in the awkward position of accepting her or looking “reckless and disrespectful” because She is a woman., further strengthening her power and influence.

Lee said, “When she says, ‘Okay, let’s talk about denuclearization or the normalization of diplomatic relations,’ many of us believe her because she is a woman. “So, she She’s ambitious, smart, and ruthless, so we should take her very seriously and not treat her condescendingly.”

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