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Exclusive Content:

Senior Ukrainian military officers believe the military situation is critical and the front line is about to collapse

Politico Europe published a lengthy report on the 3rd, revealing that senior Ukrainian military officers anonymously interviewed admitted that the military situation is serious and no matter what, Russian generals are planning to focus on the upcoming offensive. If you decide, it is likely to be successful.

The report notes that now the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian battlefield fundamentally depends onRussiaExpected to be launched this summer, the range of the missile and drone strikes has been extended from northern Ukraine to southern Ukraine in recent weeks, targeting infrastructure and making it difficult to predict where Russia will attack its main targets. Where will he attack?

A senior military officer who served under Zaluzny, the former commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian army, pointed out that the current military situation is critical and that no matter where the Russian army focuses its offensive attention, the front line of the Ukrainian army is very vulnerable. Is in danger. Of decline. Moreover, thanks to superior forces and guided bombs, which have been pounding Ukrainian positions for weeks, Russian forces “may be able to break through the front line and destroy it in some areas.”

“Nothing can be done to help right now,” a senior military source said.ukraine, Because Russia can muster a large number of troops to attack us, and there is no real technology that can compensate Ukraine. We don’t have the technology, and the West doesn’t have enough of it either.”

This person said that the only factors that can change the serious situation now are the courage and resilience of the Ukrainian army and the mistakes of the Russian commander. However, senior Ukrainian military officers reminded that expecting the Russian military to make mistakes is not a strategy. At the same time, they were extremely dissatisfied with the mistakes that hampered Ukraine from the beginning, and the mistakes that both the West and Ukraine made. He strongly criticized Western countries for hesitating, saying that supplies and weapons systems arrived too late and in insufficient quantities to make a difference.

One of the officials said Zaluzny often called it a “battle of opportunity”, meaning that the weapon system would soon become redundant because it would soon face Russian counter-attacks. “Russia is always there.” They won’t give us a second chance to learn. They are very successful in this regard.” He also pointed out that do not assume that the Russian army throws soldiers into meat grinders and kills them. “Certainly they do so in order to make the most of their numbers. do. , affect, but they also learn and adapt”.

Officials said Russian forces are ready to fight back and Ukrainian forces now need more basic conventional weapons and drones, while stressing that many more troops are needed. HoweverZelenskyThe President signed a bill on the 2nd to lower the mobilization age for war service from 27 to 25, but this can only be regarded as a minor repair.

“We have not only a military crisis, but also a political crisis,” one official said. Although Ukraine largely avoids military recruitment, “Russia is now gathering resources and will be ready to launch a major attack around August and possibly even earlier.”



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