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Said he had sexual relations… Zhou Youkou “pleaded not guilty” to defamation. Former Miss China demands 20 million yuan in compensation

Media personalities Zhou Youkou and Cai Yuzhen before making their own revelations during the 2022 electionRepublic of ChinaMiss Zhang Shujuan cheated on Jiang Xiaoyan, the father of Taipei Mayor Jiang Wannan, and was sued under serious defamation and personal information laws. The Taipei District Court held the hearing today. Zhou pleaded not guilty and Tsai pleaded guilty. Zhang Shujuan’s attitude towards non-reconciliation has not changed and a petition was filed asking him for compensation of 20 million yuan (New Taiwan dollars, approximately US$625,000).

Zhang Shujuan appeared in court today as a prosecutor. The judge asked them if there was a possibility of reconciliation. Zhang said she was still reeling from the terrorist attack in September last year and could not sit and mediate. People who knew the truth were lying. How can one compromise with a man who says he is not guilty?”

Zhang Shujuan said that Cai Yuzhen said that she slept with people all over the place at China Airlines, which broke her interpersonal relationship. Such losses occur in huge quantities in the sugar world throughout the world. He said that elementary school students would be hurt if they stole pencils and were scolded. “Not to mention that they said I was “go to bed”; Zhang said he hoped Zhou Youkou and Cai Yuzhen could clearly explain how fake news was created and how the script came about. He It was also believed that Zhou and Cai were very vicious and they hoped that the judge would punish them severely.

Zhou Youkou said that she wanted to sincerely apologize to Zhang Shujuan, who was also sitting in the court. Because the time when this incident occurred was different from what he later learned, he hoped to have a chance to reconcile with Zhang Shujuan. “But that’s not what I meant. I deny the offense.”

Zhou Youkou also said that the source of his information was what he heard from Ms. Dai at the Jinghua Hotel during a dinner party on April 18, 2021. She did not intend to condemn Zhang Shujuan, and she also respected Zhang Shujuan’s views. Zhou stressed that he had no script, no fake news, and his version of the incident was just a commentary on a public welfare issue.

Cai Yuzhen also said that she would express her deep apology to Zhang Shujuan. Cai said that he received NT$12,000 in notice fees for appearing on political commentary programs twice and that he had no criminal intentions against Zhang Shujuan. During the investigation, she tried to reconcile with Zhang Shujuan, but failed to do so. They hoped that she would still have a chance to get pardon in court.

Cai Yuzhen said that she has been in constant pain since the “Huang Yijiao incident” last year. Today she brought all the medical information to the court. What she wanted to express is that she feels guilty since the incident.

Regarding Zhang Shujuan’s lack of willingness to reconcile, Cai Yuzhen’s lawyer Shen Jingjia told the judge that Cai Yuzhen had no intention of getting a light sentence or a suspended sentence. She wanted to reconcile with Zhang Shujuan because she “didn’t want to take my debt to others to the grave.” It’s okay to talk to someone.

Because Zhou Youkou, Cai Yuzhen, and Zhang Shujuan had different viewpoints, the judge decided that Cai Yuzhen’s trial would remain pending, while Zhou Youkou’s trial would take place on the afternoon of October 17. It will be up to Zhang to decide whether Zhang Shujuan or not. Wanted to stay in the same court.

After Zhou Youkou and Cai Yuzhen were indicted by prosecutors on July 5 this year, Zhang Shujuan said that unscrupulous media people like Zhou Youkou should be “banned” and expelled from the media circle. The government should not use national resources to support such flankers. He also said, “Absolutely no reconciliation.” Zhang Shujuan had the same attitude in the court today.

On September 26, 2022, Zhang Shujuan was dissatisfied with Zhou and Cai on MinTV’s “Spicy News” program andFacebookPosted an article reporting that she was the daughter of Chiang Xiaoyan, father of Chiang Wannan, the mayor of Taipei.ScandalThe “heroine in the case”, along with legislator Wang Hongwei, filed a lawsuit against the two people. Zhou suddenly appeared and wanted to apologize, causing Zhou Youkou and Wang Hongwei to strangle each other.

During the prosecutor’s investigation, Zhou and Cai said that they were eating at a restaurant on April 18, 2021, and they saw a woman surnamed Dai, who worked as a VIP reservation supervisor at the Regent Hotel, Heard this matter mentioned. However, the babysitter’s daughter testified that not only did Zhang Shujuan never mention this matter when making the reservation, but Jinghua Hotel did not even save the reservation information.

The prosecutor determined that Zhou and Cai did not seek confirmation from Zhang Shujuan or conduct proper and proper verification, made false statements without authorization, and arbitrarily distributed Zhang Shujuan’s name, marriage, photo and other personal information. The illegal facts were obvious.

Prosecutors believe Zhou and Cai used “squeezing toothpaste” to identify Zhang Shujuan, raise issues, and attract social attention. Zhou also announced the scandal heroine in the Facebook preview to increase the show’s ratings, and Cai received a notice for both men’s intention to obtain illegal benefits for themselves.

Former Miss China Zhang Shujuan appeared in court today to seek compensation of 20 million yuan from Zhou Youkou and Cai Yuzhen.Reporter Wang Shengli/Photography

Media person Zhou Youkou.Picture/file photo from United Daily News
Media person Zhou Youkou.Picture/file photo from United Daily News

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