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Exclusive Content:

“Return on investment 50%, he lost 600,000” Jinshan Chinese suffered a scam

Eddie Wu, a retired police officer and founder of the San Francisco Asian Police Foundation who now serves as the police department’s outreach section specialist, said that in addition to being wary about the SNL party blessing scam, he also remembered Wanted to get the public to pay attentioninvestScam.RecentlySugarAdded by a strangerWeChatDuring the conversation, the other party defrauded him of more than $600,000 in cash in the name of investment. “The most important thing is not to be greedy.”

Hu Xiushan once participated in the investigation of the scandal. Ten years ago S.N.L. At the peak of the scandal, there were more than a dozen cases a month. “The police are very good at dealing with them.” Many suspects came from mainland China and may speak Cantonese, Taishan, Hokkien or Mandarin. They moved around to commit crimes, their main targets being places where Chinese people gathered, such as New York, Oakland, and Seattle. When they saw their goals, they cooperated with the gang. Because one was caught earlier, and combined with the pandemic four years ago, similar scams have not been seen for five years. Now that the movement of people has become normal after the pandemic, scams are gaining momentum again.

He also reminded that in addition to the Golden Light Party scams, you should also pay attention to the investment scams around you. For example, recently a Chinese was defrauded of more than 600,000 yuan. A stranger joined a Chinese WeChat account. After the conversation, the stranger claimed that he was an investment and financial management expert and that he had great investment opportunities and could earn a lot of money. For the first time, the victim became suspicious and gave 5,000 yuan to the other party. She received a 50% return rate and got 7,500 yuan back. The second time I invested 10,000 yuan, I got 15,000 yuan back.

The third time I increased the amount to 600,000 cash, the investment and financial management expert disappeared without a trace. What is quite strange in this case is that the suspect has associates in the Gulf area, and people come to collect money and give the profits earned from investments. When I took out 600,000 yuan, I gave him the IOU. However, it is quite difficult for the police to track down scammers on WeChat, and even harder to stop them. There is not much evidence to trace the scammers coming to collect money.

Hu Xiushan said that he hopes to remind Chinese people not to be greedy in everything and not to believe in the wonderful investment opportunities provided by strangers. “In short, don’t believe in pie-in-the-sky good things. There’s nothing wrong with being cautious.”

San Francisco


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