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Retirees have insufficient financial resources and limited protection for the red, blue and white cards. Growing old gracefully is even more difficult.

According to statistics, almost one-sixth of the country’s population is above 65 years of age. As the population ages, the need for long-term care increases. However, many retirees may find it difficult to live a respectable age due to a lack of financial resources and the rising costs of care. Disaster.

The Health Ministry estimates that 56% of the elderly require long-term care, but regardlessTreatmentNeither Medicare (commonly known as red and blue cards) nor Medicaid (commonly known as white cards) can provide enoughlong phototo serve.

As of 2020, 7.5 million people in China have purchased long-term care insurance. However, as the cost of long-term care increases, the volume of claims is increasing. According to the latest report released by credit rating agency AM Best, the amount of long-term care claims in 2022 will exceed 13 billion yuan, which is higher. 10 billion in 2021, a significant increase of 20% compared to before the pandemic.

Jason Hopper, deputy director of AM Best, put it bluntly: “The coverage of the red and blue cards is limited. People should take this into account when planning retirement and finances, because only at this time will they feel the urgent need for long-term Care.”

Research from the American Association of Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI) shows that the average annual premium for a 65-year-old is between 1,700 yuan and 7,225 yuan, but the average income of the elderly in 2019 was only a little more than 27,000 yuan. Yuan.

Ramsey Alvin, CEO of the National Council on Aging (NCOA), said that as long-term care premiums rise, vulnerable older people will bear the brunt. According to the Ministry of Health’s estimate last year, the average cost of long-term care The cost of caring for a 65-year-old person in the future will reach 120,900 yuan, of which about 40% of the cost will have to be paid by the family themselves, but 80% of the elderly family will pay for long-term care. I can’t afford it.

Furthermore, health ministry research showsLow incomeThe demand for long-term care of the elderly is even greater. 63% of the lowest-income elders in the country need long-term care, and nearly a third of them have needed long-term care services for at least five years.

Irwin argued, “Healthy aging should be a right, not a privilege that can only be enjoyed based on factors beyond your control such as gender, ethnicity, income and zip code.”

In 2019, Washington state enacted a mandatory tax law for all workers insured by public health insurance. As of 2021, 155,000 people have long-term care insurance in the state, accounting for more than half of the total annual insured people. Elwin stressed: “We need to re-examine the actions of government, and we need a multifaceted long-term care policy with layered responsibilities and collaboration between the public and private sectors.”

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