Home World News Retired Major General Baichen visits the Bay Area and attracts hundreds of people to attend his lecture

Retired Major General Baichen visits the Bay Area and attracts hundreds of people to attend his lecture

Retired Major General Baichen visits the Bay Area and attracts hundreds of people to attend his lecture

The San Francisco South Bay Democratic Alliance recently invited Taoyuan City Councilor and retired Major General Beichen of Taiwan to visit the Bay Area and hold a symposium on “War and Peace from the Perspective of National Defense” at the South Bay Cultural and Educational Center. Where he talked about his journey from joining the army to entering politics. Shared their observations and views on changes in the situation in the Taiwan Strait over the past few years. The content includes defense of national security, sovereignty, democracy and freedom.Communist Party of ChinaCognitive Wars etc. attracted hundreds of people who care about and love Taiwan to participate.

Yu Beichen was born in 1968 in Taipei City, Shandong. He is second generation from other provinces. He entered the military academy at the age of 15. After 32 years of experience, he took over as the Commander of the Main Armored Brigade. Protects northern Taiwan. He retired from the army in early 2015 and devoted himself to safeguarding the dignity of the national army and promoting anti-communism and Taiwan protection. In 2021, he left the Kuomintang due to disagreement with its views. In 2022, he ran in the Taoyuan City Council election and was elected as an independent, determined to build Taiwan’s democratic consciousness from the local level.

Yu Beichen said that he was first inspired to join the army by the TV series “15 and 20”, which aimed to “protect Taiwan” and “save the country”. Later, when I became a major general, I realized that “Many generals can lead the army and fight, but many generals cannot communicate with the people.”He believed That he was capable and understood that “only if you are willing to take off your military uniform can you communicate with people.” Therefore, he “decided to step down and take up the microphone to protect the national spirit and the national army.” ,Republic of China“Unleash the will of the people” and turn from an official who gives orders and responds to them, into a public official who must carry out the mission assigned to him by the voters.

Yu Beichen talked about the changes in cross-Strait offensive and defensive trends since 1949. From the early “counterattack on the mainland” to the current “defense of Taiwan”, although the methods of war are different, “the national army is needed even if we do not counterattack.”

He emphasized that although the People’s Liberation Army is seriously corrupt, there have also been reports of missile water injection recently, and it lacks actual combat experience and its actual combat capabilities are not optimistic by the outside world, Taiwan “Our security cannot be based on the enemy’s incompetence, degradation, and kindness.” The national army must never stop moving forward. It must learn from the military concepts and actual combat experience of advanced countries and improve in training, equipment, and organization. Innovation should be done.

Yu Beichen said that the 1992 consensus has made great contributions to the security of the Taiwan Strait.During the Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao eras, the Republic of China and ChinaSugarChina has this ambiguous place in the Republic of China. There has never been any scope for ambiguity in Xi Jinping’s case. The only People’s Republic of China that does not want to reunify is Taiwan’s independence. Under such circumstances, we can no longer talk about the 1992 consensus, but we must talk about “cross-strait non-subordination”.

Yu Beichen believes that Taiwan is not a so-called bargaining chip, but an important weight in the balance between the United States and China. ”Taiwan is close to China, but its values ​​are close to the United States. It is the last free and democratic country for the Chinese people. Taiwan’s ideas and changes can become the most important factor in preventing war between the two, he said. China and the United States.”

He warned that the CCP continues to use cognitive warfare to create division and intimidation, causing Taiwanese people to lose confidence in their country. From early infiltration and bribery, to today’s use of artificial intelligence and big data analysis to gather personal information and political tendencies, linking relevant target groups together to form a “stratosphere” to undermine the ability to think. , and then using Douyin, Douyin. Xiaohongshu spreads specific false information for position, guides the public and public opinion, and achieves specific political goals.

Yu Beichen pointed out that as a democratic country, Taiwan cannot ban social media platforms like the CCP, but the Legislative Yuan is discussing how to find a balance between democracy and counter-intelligence warfare at the national level. How to use security laws. He called on the Taiwanese people to have confidence in Taiwan, not to abandon themselves, and to recognize and protect independence and democracy. The government must not have a strong will politically and remain tied to the world economically, so that it may have few diplomatic ties but many cooperative partners…

At the end of his speech, Yu Beichen echoed the words of the people of Taiwan. If you are asked the question “Who is Taiwan?” overseas, you can answer “Taiwan is ‘democratic and independent'”, “Taiwan is the ‘Independent Republic of China'”, not Taiwan is ”Communist China” Is.

Yu Beichen talked about his journey from joining the military to entering politics, and the changes in the situation in the Taiwan Strait over the years, the defense of national security, sovereignty, democracy and freedom, and the CCP’s cognitive operations Share your comments and thoughts on. , (Reporter Li Zongmin/Photography)

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