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Real estate taxes compared in 50 major cities: San Francisco is the most expensive, which city has dropped the most

seattleThe Seattle Times reported that according to US Census Bureau data, among the 50 most populous cities in the United States, the top five cities with the highest average property taxes in 2022 are: San Francisco,CaliforniaSan Jose, Oakland, California, Austin, Texas and Seattle. San Francisco’s average property tax increased from $4,749 in 2010 to $9,010 in 2022, making it the most expensive in the country. Detroit, which ranked 50th, saw its average property tax fall from $1,479 to $1,301, a 12% decline.

The average property tax in San Jose has increased from 4,531 yuan in 2010 to 8,759 yuan in 2022. The price ranks second among 50 cities with an increase of 93.3% in 12 years.

The average property tax in Oakland increased from 3,899 yuan to 7,954 yuan, with prices ranking third, an increase of 104% in 12 years.

Austin, where the average property tax increased from $4,101 to $7,851, has the fourth highest price, an increase of 84.9%.

Seattle’s average property tax rate increased from $3,610 to $6,837, making it the fourth most expensive city, an increase of 89.4%.

The average property tax rate in Detroit fell from 1,479 yuan to 1,301 yuan, and the price declined by 12%, ranking last among 50 cities.

ranked 49thArizonaIn Mesa, the average property tax rate increased from $1,097 to $1,588, an increase of 42%.

The average property tax in No. 48 Colorado Springs (Colorado Springs) increased from $1,060 to $1,625, an increase of 53.5%.

The average property tax rate in Tucson, Arizona, ranked 47th, increased from 1,426 yuan to 1,641 yuan, an increase of 15.1%.

The average property tax rate in Phoenix, Arizona, No. 46, increased from $1,460 to $1,738, an increase of 19%.

Property tax is levied on the basis of the assessed value of the house and the tax rate varies from place to place.

According to analysis by the Tax Foundation, a non-partisan tax policy organization, property tax rates across the United States in 2021 are as low as 0.32% in Hawaii and as high as 2.23% in New Jersey.

The Seattle Times reported that because some local governments set low property tax rates, although housing prices are high, the property tax burden is lighter than in Seattle. Boston and Washington are examples. The average property tax rates in these two cities are higher than Seattle, about 2,500 yuan cheaper.

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