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Raise sales taxes instead of eliminating property taxes? Florida proposal polarizes reaction

Newsweek reported on the 13th that the Republican Party in FloridaRepresentativeRyan Chamberlin’s recent proposal to raise the sales tax in exchange for eliminating the property tax was passed by the State House of Representatives’ Expenditures and Expenditures Committee on the 1st by a vote of 15 to 6. The next step would be to eliminate the wealth tax. A study will be conducted to consider how to fill the vacancies. After the release of the study report, the bill is expected to be implemented in early 2025. But,FloridaResidents’ reactions to the proposal were polarized, with both renters and those who own their homes raising concerns.

The report notes that many homeowners welcome the elimination of real estate taxes, but some homeowners say it is unfair to reduce taxes on a specific group and then shift the tax burden to the broader public.

Fort Lauderdale resident Eric Schofield said in an interview that the annual real estate tax is 3,400 yuan. Knowing that this tax is used to fund the county government, city government, and school district can benefit everyone. People, from an overall perspective, the burden is not much. He said that if the sales tax is increased, the tax burden on the broader public will increase, and “there will be no winners by then.”

Jane Helms, who rents in Florida, said the proposal is extremely unfair. “People who don’t own homes have to pay more taxes so that people who do own homes can save money.” She has lived with her son for the past four years and said the monthly rent is now 500 yuan more expensive than when she first moved here.

Mary Jones, who bought a home in Port St. Lucie in 2000, said it was “one of the stupidest proposals” in the state legislature and attackedLow incomeAnd the middle class is benefiting the rich. He said Florida’s characteristics include an active flow of vacationers, and many people own second homes in Florida. After the real estate tax is canceled, the first tax burden will fall on permanent residents who have actually been living for a long time.

Jones said real estate taxes are one of the few taxes wealthy people have to pay. Visitors who come to Florida for vacations only during certain seasons will not have to pay as much sales tax. Conversely, local residents would face the consequences of a sales tax increase…

Tallahassee resident Greg Pabich said he would be willing to raise the sales tax significantly if the property tax could be eliminated.

Pabic said that after the house was renovated, the house price is now more than 700,000 yuan, and the real estate tax is more than 10,000 yuan per year.

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