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More than 200 martial arts masters compete in Los Angeles

The 2nd North American International Wushu Championship (West Coast...

Prolonged sitting and little movement can lead to the deadly “economy class syndrome”. You can get it even if you don’t fly.

a university teacherobesityBut he did not take it seriously. He had to drive for 1 or 2 hours every day to get there. When he reached home, he would sit on the sofa and not exercise much. Unexpectedly, one day his entire right leg became swollen. Tight and painful! Su Yanbo, attending physician of the Cardiovascular Center of Cathay General Hospital, said that “deep vein thrombosis in the legs” not only causes swelling and discomfort, but once the thrombus breaks, it can enter the heart with the blood flow. Can block the pulmonary artery, causing severe hypoxia or even shock, and the mortality rate is quite high. This is also known as “economy class syndrome”.

Mr Chen is a 60-year-old university teacher. He has been suffering from obesity since middle age. A routine health checkup at school revealed that he was obese.blood pressureAnd high blood fat, but since I don’t feel particularly uncomfortable, I don’t pay much attention to it. It takes him 1 or 2 hours to travel daily by car. When he reaches home, he sits on the sofa and watches TV without doing much exercise. One day, when Mr. Chen woke up, he found that his right leg was swollen, red, and felt stiff and painful. He rushed to the hospital to be examined, and the doctor arranged for a vascular ultrasound and found that there was a large thrombus in the deep vein of his right leg that was blocking blood flow. After hospitalization with anticoagulants, the swelling was immediately relieved.

Su Yanbo said that under normal circumstances, blood is delivered to the end organs and limbs through the arteries by the contraction of the heart to supply nutrients, and then recirculated into the veins through the capillaries, and to the muscles. Flows back to the heart through activity and changes in body pressure. , This entire process should continue without interruption, but when blood viscosity increases, flow is hindered, and the endothelium of the blood vessels is damaged, it can trigger thrombus formation.

Taking Mr. Chen as an example, long-term obesity and high blood lipids will increase blood viscosity and cause oxidative stress, leading to inflammation of blood vessels and damage to the endothelium. Additionally, driving and sitting for long periods of time can block the flow of blood vessels, which can cause blood clots over time.

Deep vein thrombosis in the legs will not only cause local swelling and discomfort, but lack of blood circulation will easily cause local soft tissue infection and ulcers. If the thrombus unfortunately breaks off, it can enter the heart with the blood stream and eventually block the pulmonary artery. At this time, it can cause severe hypoxia or shock, which is a disease with high mortality. The so-called “economy class syndrome” refers to this situation.

Su Yanbo reminded that in recent years, due to the Westernization of diet and living habits, the obesity rate in the population has become more and more, and the lifestyle has become more and more sedentary and less active. As a result, deep vein thrombosis in patients is becoming more and more common in clinical practice, and it is also becoming less and less common in the age group, so do not be alarmed.

Another thing to note is that women who use birth control pills or hormones for a long time, or have lethal substances hidden in their body.TumorAlso a high risk factor for venous thrombosis. In clinical practice, we often see cases where patients initially come to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment due to deep vein thrombosis, but are later accidentally found to have malignant tumors during follow-up examinations. ,

Su Yanbo explained that when patients come to the hospital because of the above symptoms, they usually arrange for a blood test to check whether there are any blood abnormalities related to vascular embolism. Ultrasound or computer tomography is also ordered to determine the location and severity of the thrombus. If the patient also has symptoms of heartburn, chest pain, and hypoxia, computerized tomography of the chest will be arranged to determine if there is also a pulmonary blood clot. When deep vein thrombosis is diagnosed, treatment will be based on the patient’s condition.

When deep vein thrombosis is diagnosed, the patient is usually hospitalized first and given powerful anticoagulant drugs to prevent thrombosis from forming and gradually eliminate the thrombosis.

If there are a lot of thrombi, extending to the large veins in the groin or deep into the thigh, or the thrombolysis effect of the drug is not good, sometimes a catheter will be used to directly aspirate the thrombus or dissolve the thrombosis. Ultrasonic vibration will be used to do this. ,

Sometimes, considering the risk of blood clots falling into the lungs, a thrombus filtering device may be placed in the inferior vena cava of the abdomen to avoid fatal pulmonary embolism.

Typically, patients will continue to take oral anticoagulants for at least 3 to 6 months after being hospitalized and stabilized, and the blood clots can be gradually eliminated.



More than 200 martial arts masters compete in Los Angeles

The 2nd North American International Wushu Championship (West Coast...

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