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Princeton still tops the list of top 5 universities in the US-Singapore University Rankings

US News & World Report announced the 18th ranking of the best universities in the United States on the 2024th. Although there has been the biggest change in evaluation indicators in 40 years, the top five places in the ranking have not changed much compared to previous years. Princeton Princeton University still tops the list, followed by MIT, Harvard University and Stanford University in third place, and Yale University in fifth place; However, more than a dozen public universities improved by at least 50 places, including some relatively unknown schools.

new York TimesAccording to the analysis on the 18th, in response to external criticism, US News and World Report has made the biggest change in the evaluation methodology of the Best University Rankings in 40 years. It remains to be seen whether this new system can calm external doubts about its introduction.

The report said that according to the new evaluation system, California State University, Fresno (California State University, Fresno) climbed 64 places in this ranking to 185th place; Florida Atlantic University improved 53 places in this ranking. 209;new JerseyRutgers U. is also one of the beneficiary schools, with all three campuses rising in their rankings by at least 15 places.

Adjusted assessment indicators increase the graduation rate calculations of low-income students who receive Pell Grants, and also include students who are the first generation in their families to attend college; Do graduates earn more than people with only a high school degree? There is also a new indicator in this year’s evaluation.

The New York Times reported that US News & World Report’s annual ranking of America’s best colleges has a significant impact on students and parents. However, critics believe that the rankings create bias towards universities and also affect the way universities recruit students.

Colorado College considered withdrawing from the rankings this year. Chairman L. Song Richardson reported that the new evaluation system was a “slight improvement” compared to the past. Although this did not eliminate skepticism, American news and world reports at least began to be heard in advance.EducatedOpinion given by industry people.

The New York Times reported that even though some public universities have made gains this year, many school leaders still object to the status of university education as a commodity; Princeton University President Christopher L. Eisgruber once told the Washington Post that this type of ranking is a joke. If schools, parents and students take rankings too seriously, it will cause harm.

He said that it is quite strange to label any university as the “best”.

Having said that, many schools still welcome this ranking; “Faculty and students are very pleased,” said Antonio D. Tillis, president of Rutgers University’s Camden campus. He said that this ranking reflects the efforts of the school in terms of accessibility, affordability. , student futures, and academic achievement.

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