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Postpartum Pelvic Muscle Weakness and Urinary Incontinence, Doctors Suggest “4 Key Ways to Relieve Incontinence”

I don’t know if you have this kind of problem or not. After 10 months of hard work carrying heavy loads, you finally unload the goods, but you always end up coughing, leaking urine, or feeling wetness in your underwear when you rush to the exit. Ka-control cub. Of? I even feel that my body is not mine after delivery. I always feel like my pelvis is dropped, my abdominal muscles are weak, and I’m prone to back pain.

Zhang Yifen, attending physician in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Heping Maternity and Infant Hospital, Taipei City United Hospital, said postpartum urine leakage is actually more common than you think. According to statistics, about 40% to 60% of many pregnant women have experienced urinary incontinence during pregnancy. About 30% of people still have residual symptoms after three months. Urine leakage will usually gradually improve within three months after delivery. If symptoms persist 6 months after delivery, the chance of spontaneous improvement is relatively low.

Zhang Yifen explained that a woman’s pelvic floor muscles are like a swing, carrying the bladder, urethra and uterus. When the hammock is overloaded or occurs for a long time (for example: pregnancy, overweight, birth canal injury, age), it is easy to cause sagging, the support becomes weak, resulting in urine leakage, this is the reason Mothers who have had a cesarean section may still have postpartum urine leakage.

As time progresses, many medical devices have also been developed. Since the severity varies from person to person, it is recommended that patients discuss it with a doctor in an outpatient clinic. The treatments currently provided by the hospital are presented in this order:

1. Kegel exercises (Kegel exercises) physiological response training: actively use force to contract the pelvic floor muscles and strengthen the muscles related to urination and defecation. The advantage is that it is not limited by time and space, and does not need to spend extra money; The disadvantages are that, like heavy training, it requires consistent exercise every day, and the pelvic floor muscles cannot be directly seen with the naked eye. Physiological feedback training involves sticking a patch on the body corresponding to the situation, through which it can be detected on the screen whether the force has been applied correctly or not.

2.Magnetic wave chair: Use electromagnetic pulse waves to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles and enhance their strength and endurance. It is non-invasive, does not require anesthesia and dressings, is extremely safe and only requires you to sit comfortably in a chair. Each treatment session lasts 20 minutes twice a week, and six sessions make up a complete course of treatment. It should be noted that metal implants in the body (cardiac pacemakers, drug pumps) have contraindications to treatment.

3. Vaginal laser: The energy of laser light passes through the vaginal probe, causing temperature change in the epithelial tissue, activating collagen, and then achieving tissue remodeling through angiogenesis. There is no pain during the procedure, only a slight warmth is felt, and no anesthesia is required. It is recommended that the full course of treatment be done 3 times.Currentlyhealth insuranceno benefit.

4. Mid-urethral sling surgery: Through surgery, a sling is placed through the vagina to support the mid-urethra, which forms fibrosis with the surrounding tissues and provides effective support when abdominal pressure increases Is. Provide case selection for cases where conservative treatment has failed and urine leakage is severe.

Source: Health Medical Network


More health information: Health Medicine Network




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