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Philippine Defense Minister: Don’t fall into China’s trap

Philippine Defense Minister: Don’t fall into China’s trap

A spokesman for the former Philippines president caused an uproar by saying that there is a “gentleman’s agreement” between the Philippines and China that the status quo of Philanthropy Shoal will not be changed. Philippine Defense Secretary Teodoro issued an open letter calling on the Filipino people not to fall into the trap and not to forget that China is violating the Philippines’ sovereignty in the South China Sea.

Former President of the PhilippinesDuterteHarry Roque, spokesman for Rodrigo Duterte when he was in office, recently said that Manila and Beijing reached a “gentleman’s agreement” to maintain the status quo of altruistic shoals during Duterte’s tenure, that is, Philippine supply ships only. Will transport food and drinking water. , Etcetera. Construction materials, or supplies to build or reinforce the Philippine warship stranded in the Second Thomas Shoal, will not be supplied.

In 1999, Manila authorities deliberately beached the World War II-era landing ship BRP Sierra Madre at the Second Thomas Shoal and deployed troops there to establish de facto control. Therefore, supplies must be delivered regularly and there must be garrison rotation.

As the Sierra Madre slowly began to rust, the Philippines began efforts to strengthen the battleship to prevent it from rusting and sinking. China has deployed coast guard and maritime militia vessels to prevent Philippine ships from approaching Renai Shoal and hinder the transportation of supplies to the Philippines. Confrontation and conflict between the two sides continues, making Renai Shoal a hot spot. South China Sea.

In response to China’s accusation that the Philippines had “repeatedly made clear commitments to expropriate” the Sierra Madre, Roque refuted this, saying that Duterte had not made this commitment to Beijing.

However, Roque’s statement still caused an uproar in Philippine politics. Assistant Chairman of the Philippine National Security Council Jonathan Malaya said on March 27 that the National Security Council did not know anything about the so-called “gentleman’s agreement”; If such an agreement actually existed, “it would be a violation of our national sovereignty.”

Philippine Senator Risa Hontiveros introduced a resolution today asking the Senate to investigate Roque’s claim that there was a “gentleman’s agreement” between the Duterte administration and Beijing at the time.

He said that this rumored deal is an act of treason. When China repeatedly attacks Philippine resupply missions in the Rennai Shoal, this false agreement will provide Beijing with more pretexts to defend its claims.

“If this agreement is true, it looks like Duterte has actually ceded Philippine territory (to China),” Hondivi said.

PhilippinesDepartment of DefenseGilbert Teodoro issued an open letter on the 2nd: “To fellow Filipinos, although we understand that there is no consensus on reaching a so-called gentleman’s agreement with China on the Sierra Madre and Ayungin Shoal (Renai Shoal), accountability is very is important when it comes to agreements, but we Filipinos should never forget the fact that the main threat to our rights in the West Philippine Sea is the illegal activities of the Chinese government.

Republic of ChinaThe People’s Republic of China and the Philippines all claim sovereignty over South China Sea features such as Renai Shoal and Scarborough Shoal (also known as Democracy Reef).

The West Philippine Sea is the area over which the Philippines claims sovereignty in the South China Sea, and is roughly within the Philippines’ 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone.

“Let us not fall into the trap laid by Chinese propaganda to focus the debate on so-called promises and divert attention from the Chinese government (to the extent that they can continue to operate freely in our exclusive territory and in economic waters) To conduct illegal activities.”

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