Home World Novak Djokovic could return to Australian Open after major visa ban move

Novak Djokovic could return to Australian Open after major visa ban move

Novak Djokovic could return to Australian Open after major visa ban move

Novak Djokovic could return to the Australian Open next year as the federal government overturns the Serbian tennis star’s three-year visa ban.

Immigration Minister Andrew Giles will grant Djokovic a visa allowing him to compete in tennis tournaments in 2023, SBS News has learned.

Last year, Djokovic was hit with a three-year visa ban after serving as immigration minister at the time On the eve of the Australian Open, about his COVID-19 vaccination status.

The unvaccinated former world number one challenged the cancellation of vaccinations in a federal appeals court, ultimately upholding Mr Hawke’s decision.

Australia after Incoming travelers are no longer required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or to provide a negative COVID-19 test.

Djokovic has previously said And “would love” to go back to Australia.

he His lawyers are still trying to overturn his visa ban, he told reporters after winning his first match at the ATP Finals in Turin on Monday night.

“No official word yet. We are waiting. They are communicating with the Australian government. That’s all I can tell you right now,” Djokovic said.

Tennis Australia and Australian Open owner Craig Tilley said he was optimistic Djokovic would return to the field next year, but he ruled out seeking any help from government officials who would decide the 21-timer. The fate of the Grand Slam singles champion.

“Everyone is going through a normal visa application process now, and everyone is going through the right timing,” Mr Tilly told news agency AAP on Tuesday.

“I don’t think there should be any preferential treatment for anyone.

“But I fully expect to have an answer when everyone needs to book a flight and get in, including Novak.

“It’s all up to the Australian government. I know Novak wants to come and play and play again.

“He loves Australia, which is where he’s had the most success, but the timing (on any announcement) is up to everyone else and we’ll just have a listen.”

Mr Tilly, caught in the storm last summer, broke the news to the nine-time champion that he was given a medical waiver to play at Melbourne Park, but Mr Hawke personally intervened and drove Djokovic out of Australia.

Despite the fiasco, Mr Tilly said Djokovic didn’t have any bad feelings for him.

“It was fun, I talked to Novak a few times. We caught up and spent some time together in London and he was great. We had a great relationship,” Mr Terry said.

“He was in the Laver Cup and it was great to be able to spend some private time with him.

“He understands the situation and everything, but he has to work it out with the federal government. I’m sure they’ll make some arrangements and hopefully it’s positive.

“But I don’t know. It’s really between him and the FBI. But things have changed a lot compared to a year ago, and I wish Novak would be here.

“I want to have all the best players in the world here.”

Additional reporting by David Aidone.


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