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No protection if you don’t pay?Biden criticizes Trump: shamefully stupid and dangerous

The debate over aid to Ukraine has escalated into a fight over the US presidential election, PresidentbidenTarget on former President on 13thtrumpTrump accused of not providing securitynatoThe allies’ arguments are foolish, shameful, and dangerous; Biden said that no American president has ever bowed before a Russian dictator and he stands by his word.

On the 13th, after the Senate voted to pass a bill to aid Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, Biden delivered a speech at the White House, urging Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson to immediately handle the matter. Then, Biden took aim at former President Trump. ,

“You don’t pay your bills, you don’t get security. It’s that simple,” Trump said at a campaign event in South Carolina last weekend. He predicted that if elected, he would mandate NATO allies pay substantial defense budgets. ., and two groups with insufficient budgets, Russia can do whatever it wants with the latter.

Biden criticized Trump for inviting Russian President Vladimir Putin to attack US allies. This move is foolish, shameful, dangerous, and “very un-American.” He said that in Trump’s eyes, NATO is a sacred commitment. It’s just a burden. Trump does not regard NATO as an alliance to defend the United States and the world. Trump views NATO as a security threat. Principles are not important. Everything can be traded.

Article 5 of the NATO convention refers to the commitment to collective defence, stating that an attack on one is tantamount to an attack on all. The United States has repeatedly warned Russia not to attack NATO territory.

Biden said the only time the collective defense clause was used in NATO history was the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001. After the attack on the United States, NATO allies stood together; He warned Putin not to cross the border and said that the United States would defend every inch of NATO territory.

Biden said he had never seen an American president surrender to a Russian dictator, adding, “I absolutely would not.”

The debate over the foreign aid budget has lasted for four months. Biden recently called on Republican lawmakers to show their strength and not be hijacked by Trump. He said on the 13th that he hoped the House of Representatives could immediately review the budget bill and was confident that the budget bill would eventually be passed. He called on Johnson & Johnson to allow all MPs to express their opinions and not be influenced by the most extreme voices of a few.

Biden said at least four times that “history bears witness.” He expressed hope that Congress will pass this matter as soon as possible. He also said that it is the responsibility of a great country to provide foreign aid. Aiding Ukraine tells foreign countries that “the United States can be trusted and will strongly support its allies.” Message.



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