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New York’s 24/7 speed camera enforcement sees a 50% increase in fines in the first month

New York CitySpeed ​​cameras will be operational 24 hours from 1st August. City data shows an explosion of speeding violations and fines occurred in the first four weeks of August, with speeding violations occurring between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. on weekends and weekdays. During these periods, speed cameras were not enabled before.

In order to reduce traffic accidents, New York City adopts speeding cameras, the speed limit on normal roads is 25 miles, and the fine for speeding violations is 50 yuan. In the first four weeks of August, speeding cameras issued a total of 656,794 speed tickets in the city’s five districts, of which 333,284 were issued, according to data obtained by New York media Staten Island Advance pursuant to information disclosure law. is the total number. 50.7% of this happens on weekends and weekdays from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am.

There were 656,794 violations in 28 days, an average of 23,457 per day, 977 per hour, or 16 per minute. Based on a fine of 50 yuan per violation, the total fine for speeding violations in less than a month is 32,839,700 yuan.

However, although the number of violations has increased, the number of violations restricted by speed cameras per unit time is relatively constant if it is counted over the time of operation of speed cameras. From January to April, speed cameras in New York City issued approximately 936 violation tickets per hour; In the first four weeks of August, speed cameras issued 977 violation tickets per hour, which is close.

City Councilor Joe Borelli and Councilor David Carr both opposed the passage of a city council bill to expand the use of speed cameras. He questioned the role of speed cameras, saying the city was more concerned with revenue than with increasing public safety.

City officials stressed that speed cameras are an important public safety measure, not a source of revenue. City data shows that as of December 2020, there has been an average 72 per cent drop in speed and a 14 per cent reduction in injuries where cameras have been installed. Speed ​​cameras also have a deterrent effect. Most vehicles have received only one or two violation tickets since the program began in 2014. In 2021, more than half the vehicles will not get a second ticket after getting the first violation ticket.

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