Home Technology New York Times analysis: Why has Los Angeles been able to avoid the undocumented immigrant crisis facing New York?

New York Times analysis: Why has Los Angeles been able to avoid the undocumented immigrant crisis facing New York?

New York Times analysis: Why has Los Angeles been able to avoid the undocumented immigrant crisis facing New York?

over 110,000 unspecifiedMigrantThe influx has created a financial burden, and New York Mayor Eric Adams has said that an undeclared immigrant crisis would devastate New York City. The New York Times reported and analyzed on the 19th, comparing New York City, Chicago, and Massachusetts who requested federal emergency assistance,los angelesTill now we have not faced the same problem. The main thing is that California has long lost its former attractiveness in the minds of many immigrants.

Reports say the first batch of undocumented immigrants arrived in June this yeartexasWhen he was taken to Los Angeles in a special car, the Democratic local city chief was quite surprised that the Republican governor had taken so long to deport undocumented immigrants.

In the past year, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has sent special buses to transport thousands of undocumented immigrants to New York City, Chicago, Washington and other locations, while Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has sent undocumented immigrants to Sacramento, California. And have sent special planes to take them to other places. A resort in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, for release.

According to statistics, in the past three months, Texas has sent a total of 13 buses to transport a total of 522 undocumented immigrants to Los Angeles, the second largest city in the United States. During the same period, thousands of other immigrants who were new to the United States also arrived in Los Angeles on their own.

However, Los Angeles has not yet experienced the crisis of overcrowded undocumented immigrants that New York has. Los Angeles city officials are relieved as the city faces other problems, including the homelessness crisis and the Hollywood strike, the report said.

The director of a Los Angeles area homeless shelter said there has been no explosion in the number of residents in recent months. Immigration support groups say they have set up an efficient process to quickly respond to undocumented immigrants being sent to Los Angeles by special bus; There are approximately dozens of undocumented immigrants on each shift in Texas.

The New York Times analyzed that the main reason there is no undocumented immigrant crisis in Los Angeles is that California, which was considered the first choice for many immigrants decades ago, has long lost its appeal. Since the 1990s, the high cost of living in California and abundant employment opportunities in Sunbelt cities and other locations in the United States have led illegal immigrants to choose to move to other cities seeking development after entering the country.

The report notes that although Los Angeles still has the largest undocumented immigrant population in the country, the majority of these immigrants have lived in Los Angeles for at least 10 years.

Immigration experts say an average of more than 1,000 undocumented immigrants arrive in Los Angeles each week and that number has remained stable over the past few years. The proportion of undocumented immigrants in private cars in Texas is very small; Most are undocumented immigrants Immigrants first arrive in Los Angeles seeking refuge with relatives through relatives and friends. My friend is looking for a job, renting an apartment and making arrangements for his children to go to school, so he will not apply for homeless rehabilitation or other financial assistance from the city government.

Reports indicate that the majority of undocumented immigrants coming to Los Angeles are from Central America and Mexico. This trend has existed for decades, and a large local community has been established to provide support to newly arrived immigrants.