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Exclusive Content:

New York Times analysis: If Trump is elected as the second president, the international order may be disrupted, and China and Russia will become stronger.

former PresidenttrumpShortly after taking office, when he heard his staff explaining NATO’s collective defense obligations, he said: “What this means is, ifRussiaIf we attack Lithuania, will we have a war with Russia? this is madness. “Trump has never accepted a NATO structure based on the concept of “all for one and all for one.” During his four years in office, Trump has continued to force allies to increase defense spending. Otherwise, the United States refused to assist in defense.

Over the weekend, Trump encouraged Russia to attack NATO allies at a rally in South Carolina on the evening of the 10th. The New York Times analyzed that no American president has ever incited an enemy country to attack American allies in this manner; Some people may think this is just Trump’s habitual rally speech or joke, while others may feel that the United States has been taken advantage of by its allies for a long time, and Trump should finally give some color. Appreciate it, but Trump revealed in his speech that if he takes office again, there may be significant changes in the international system, and the consequences are unpredictable.

Trump’s speech once again highlighted his concern for the Russian PresidentPutin(Vladimir V. Putin), and Putin has proven by actual actions over the years that he is very willing to invade neighboring countries without NATO protection.

The report notes that if Trump comes to power again, the security umbrella that the United States has provided to its allies for nearly 80 years since World War II, from Europe to Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, will be eroded. Will end. The mere suggestion that “the United States can no longer be trusted” is enough to have a negative impact on alliance relations, causing long-standing allies to turn to other powers, leading to threats from Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Countries will become even stronger. ,

Retired Army Lieutenant General Douglas Lute, who was an adviser to former President Obama during his tenure and a former US ambassador to NATO, said the US has allies that neither Russia nor China can match. If allies begin to doubt America’s commitment to mutual defense, the United States could lose its advantage in competition with China and Russia. Neither Putin nor Xi Jinping can cause the United States to lose such gains on their own.

On the 11th, Trump posted a message in capital letters on a social networking site saying that the United States should no longer provide military aid to other countries unless it is in the form of loans, “not free gifts. “

Former National Security Council special adviser and Duke University professor Peter Feaver said Trump could reduce the US military presence in Europe to the point where it could no longer perform its defensive function, which would make Putin feel he could do so. Are. Whatever he wants from now on.



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