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Netflix’s “Bright Empire” Christine Chiu attracts tourists to Taiwan tourism

Netflix’s “Bright Empire” Christine Chiu attracts tourists to Taiwan tourism

Real-life Asian billionaire Christine Chiu is coming to Taiwan in the Netflix reality show “Empire”! Ministry of Transportationgo sightseeingThe department recently invited him to visit Taiwan with his family. With her love of luxury travel and cultural exploration, she will showcase Taiwan’s high-end sophistication, family, railway tourism and sustainable tourism experiences to a global audience and expand the allure of North American tourism. Tourists visit Taiwan.

During the five-day and four-night trip, Christine and her family experienced Taiwan’s rich natural landscapes and long history, including Taroko National Park.Sun Moon Lakeand the National Palace Museum and other representative landmarks. These attractions not only showcase Taiwan’s stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage and exquisite cuisine, but also explore Taiwan’s charm through his various perspectives as a creator and philanthropist, appealing to film fans and the American market. Shows visitors that this island is unique. Various excellent life experiences.

This journey that blends traditional elegance and grandeur also features exclusive experiences, from Michelin-starred restaurants highlighting local Taiwanese ingredients to VIP tours at Taipei 101Taiwan RailwaysThe new Tengyun business cabins and luxury hotels with top-class facilities enjoy excellent services especially designed for families. Christine’s son, Baby G, visited his mother’s hometown for the first time. The two-generation tour highlights Taiwan’s combination of tradition and innovation and its ability to attract tourists of all ages. It leverages the popularity of its social platform to drive tourism traffic. Password.

China Airlines provided Christine with a high-quality flight experience and convenient flight options for her flight to Taiwan, ensuring the comfort and efficiency her family enjoyed. In conjunction with the “Soar Over Asia” promotional campaign launched by China Airlines, it aims to cooperate with various tourism bureaus to promote multiple options for American tourists to travel to Taiwan and other Asian countries, thereby enhancing Taiwan’s tourism potential. The benefits and attraction of travel can increase.

During the trip, Christine will share highlights on her Instagram page @christinechiu, inviting audiences around the world to experience the luxury allure of Taiwan. Through their experience, Taiwan’s superior position among global tourist attractions will be reaffirmed. Welcome to the Department of Tourism’s website eng.Taiwan.net.tw, and to learn more about Taiwan’s diverse topics, tourism and various products, visit Taiwan Tourism North America Facebook page Tour Taiwan – America and Instagram page @Taiwantourism.na Follow. Which includes information on food, accommodation, travel and shopping.

Real-life Asian tycoon Christine Chiu has come to Taiwan in the Netflix reality show “Brilliant Empire”! (Provided by Tourism Department)

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