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More than 200 martial arts masters compete in Los Angeles

The 2nd North American International Wushu Championship (West Coast...

Moutai Sauce Fragrance House “Still Stillborn” Fliggy Statement: The product has nothing to do with Kweicho Moutai

“Moutai” has recently become a powerful tool for marketing various products in China. After “Maotai Latte” and Moutai Chocolate, it was recently reported that Moutai and online travel platform Fliggy jointly launched the “Maotai Fragrance King Room” campaign, which once again caused a sensation on the Internet. Granted, pre-orders were originally launched last night, but the program was suddenly suspended.

On the evening of the 17th, Alibaba’s Fliggy platform launched the “Jiuxiang King Room” for sale at 8:00, with a minimum price of RMB 999 per night. The people of Moutai reacted to the incident: the publicity was inaccurate and they have requested correction. At about 9:30 on the 17th, the “Jiuxiang King Room” package of 999 yuan was removed from the shelves.At present, while FliggyweiboTweets related to Moutai Hotel were also removed.

On the afternoon of the 18th, the travel platform Fliggy issued a statement on “Maotai Jiang King Room”. On September 17, the platform launched the hotel “Sanya Haitang Bay Moutai Resort 1 Night/2 Nights Tasting Tour” for 999 yuan. 2,999 yuan. Package, This product is supplied to Fliggy Travel by a supplier that cooperates with Sanya Haitang Bay Maotai Resort. On this basis, the platform further subsidizes and provides preferential prices and adds designed products.

The statement specifically pointed out that “this product is not launched by Kweicho Moutai Group” or jointly launched with Kweicho Moutai Group.

It was originally on sale at 8pm on the 17th. Consumers can use RMB 999 to book a one-night stay at the “Maotai Jiang King Room” of the boutique hotel at Haitang Bay Maotai Resort in Sanya, Hainan on October 1 and get the market. Price in RMB for free. 1,499 yuan. The actual purchase price for a bottle of Feitian Moutai and a bottle of Moutai red wine is more than 3,000 yuan.

However, the discount package of 999 yuan is only available on October 1, and on other days, you need to purchase the package of 2,999 yuan.

Moutai and Ruixing on September 4thcoffeeThe joint launch of the wine-and-coffee “Soy Sauce Latte” soon became a market hit. Later, on September 14, Moutai collaborated with Dove to launch “Wine Chocolate”, which also attracted the market’s attention. Topics related to Moutai’s co-branded products are trending on Weibo. After the launch of “Soy Sauce Latte”, one-day sales exceeded RMB 100 million.

The launch of “Jiangxiang King Room” has also attracted discussion among Chinese netizens. Many people think that 999 yuan for a room and wine is a good deal. However, some netizens are worried that the launch of so many co-branded products in a short period of time will lead to consumer confusion. “Aesthetic fatigue” can quickly eliminate the “national wine” Moutai effect achieved by hard work.

Travel website Fliggy issued a statement emphasizing the incident, “This product is not launched by Kweicho Moutai Group” or jointly launched with Kweicho Moutai Group. (Fliggy.com)

This time launched by Maotai in collaboration with Fliggy
This time, the “Maotai Fragrance King Room” campaign launched by Moutai in cooperation with Fliggy has caused a sensation on the Internet. Reservations were originally opened last night, but the campaign was suddenly suspended. (Picture/Taken from Fliggy.com)

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More than 200 martial arts masters compete in Los Angeles

The 2nd North American International Wushu Championship (West Coast...

Yonhap News Agency: A US F-16 fighter plane crashes into the Yellow Sea

Yonhap news agency reported that sources have learned that...

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