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Exclusive Content:

“More than 10 people died” A mass murder took place in Shandong. It is said that many families were shot dead. A retired armed policeman was said to be responsible for the murder.

Recently, there were rumors on the Internet that a mass murder had occurred in Luohe Town, Xu County, Rizhao, Shandong Province, in which a man injured more than a dozen villagers. However, the related news was later blocked. Hong Kong media with official background once published relevant reports and then deleted them. At the same time, an unconfirmed emergency notice from the “Rizhao Municipal Party Committee Political and Legal Affairs Committee” circulated on Weibo. The incident is still confusing, and some netizens speculated that “it has been suppressed.”

Radio Free Asia reported that Phoenix.com published a report on the 11th, “It is rumored on the Internet that a man in Xu County, Shandong was suspected of injuring several villagers? Official: The suspect was controlled Is.” On the 12th, it also published “Homicide Tracking in Shandong County: Officials say the number of victims has exceeded 10, one suspect has been controlled”, but the above two articles have been deleted.

The above report mentioned that the place where the incident occurred was “suspected to be Zhaike Village, Luohe Town, Xu County”; And the report on the 12th emphasized that the reporter learned from several local departments that there were “more than ten” victims and a suspect in the case has been detained.

Radio Free Asia pointed out thatretireArmed police. Another netizen said that in this incident, a foreign service officer returned to his hometown and shot several families with a homemade steel bullet gun, killing more than ten people.

The X platform account “Teacher Li is not your teacher” reported that the killer was 30 years old. More than ten people were killed, one of whom was the killer’s teacher, and more than ten were injured. Medical personnel from the local emergency center attended the scene and were also injured. Killed in the attack; The police have blocked the roads of the village.

In response, Radio Free Asia contacted Xu County People’s Hospital, Xu County’s Rizhao Emergency Center, Xu County Public Security Bureau, and Luohe Town Police Station, but no one responded.

As far as the Internet is concerned, there are some keywords that are suspected to point to the incident, such as “has it been suppressed?”

That same night, the “Political and Legal Affairs Committee of the Rizhao Municipal Party Committee” titled “Emergency Notice on Establishing a Daily Reporting System for Hidden Social Conflict Risks” began to circulate on the Internet. It was released on 11 February.

The notice calls for a “focus on investigating potential risks that could induce individual extreme cases”, and specifically names 16 categories of personnel to be escalated for investigation:real estateDoctors and patients, workers and management, people involved in marriage and neighborhood disputes, people involved in interviews,investFailure, job loss, frustration in life, emotional frustration, disharmony in relationships, mental imbalance, mental disorders, young delinquent individuals, individuals with violent tendencies who threaten retribution against society, individuals who may lead to violent conflict. , Etcetera.

Regarding this notice, some people jokingly said that except the party members, everyone else has been kept out. However, some people questioned the authenticity of this notice.

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