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Exclusive Content:

MLB/Otani Shohei started the season with 41 at-bats and hit his first home run, fulfilling his promise and record.

In the 9th game and 41st game after the start of the season,Shohei OtaniThe discussions finally began, facing the Giants on the 3rd and signing the contractDodgeThe team’s first home run prevented their record for consecutive no-hit starts in a season. This helped the Dodgers score 5 points in 9 consecutive games to start the season, and finally defeated the Giants 5:4. Complete a three-game sweep.

In the third inning, Shohei Ohtani was still the second batter in the starting lineup and the designated hitter. He got out in the first innings. However, in the third inning, he got a hit as the first batter he faced and ran back out on Will Smith’s double, scored, and in the bottom of the fourth inning, a fly ball out to left field.

With 2 outs in the bottom of the 7th inning, Ohtani Shohei hit a 93.2 mile sinker against left-hander Taylor Rogers with 1 good and 3 bad balls. As the ball flew into the right-field auditorium, a huge cheer erupted from the Dodgers. Home court to celebrate Shohei Ohtani’s final start.

This home run was the fifth run scored by the Dodgers in the game. The Dodgers have scored more than 5 points in 9 consecutive games in the early season, a record high in Dodgers history. Since 1900, the most major league rookie seasons with 13 consecutive games played by more than 5 points, for 1932.YankeesThe team, followed by the 1903 Pirates, 1936 Reds, and 1999 and 2002 Indians (now Guardians) all played 10 consecutive games.

Dodgers’ starting pitcher Tyler Glasnow allowed 3 runs in 6 innings, struck out 7 and walked 2 times. With Ohtani’s support, they won 2 consecutive games. Ohtani also kept his promise to recruit Glasnow. Promise “I want to help you hit the home run.”

Otani Shohei finished with 4 hits and 2 hits, 1 RBI, 1 score, and his batting average returned to 270%. The last time he hit a home run was August 24, 2023, ending the season as the first man to start a season without a home run for 40 consecutive games. Worst record; It is also Otani’s 172nd career homer, just 3 homers shy of Hideki Matsui’s record of 175 for most homers by a Japanese player.

Miguel Rojas also started the game in the 4th inning and had 1 RBI on a grounder in the 2nd. Teoscar Hernandez had 4 hits, 2 runs and 1 RBI. RBI.

Shohei Ohtani finally made his season debut in his 41st at-bat, facing the Giants, and hit his first home run since joining the Dodgers. (Reuters)

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The world’s oldest twins have died at the age of 62. Doctors said he would not survive for 30 years.

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